Meditation & Psychic Development Circle

Over the many years, I have facilitated Meditation and Development circles as a doorway to Healing and connecting with one’s Higher/Soul, Ancestors, Spirit and Animal Guides and Goddzz.
As a natural channel for Spirit, my Meditations circles offer a space for Healing and Personal growth that is accessible.
I invite you to join me and like-minded others each fortnight as I take you on a channeled meditative journey, allowing you to connect to Spirit, Ancestors and Animal Guide’s, to a place of inner Healing and discovery.
Learn simple techniques that will assist you in your day to day life such as….
Protection and Grounding,
Allow yourself to develop these hidden talents.
Where are your strengths?
Skill developing practices to discover your strengths.
Psychometry – Extrasensory perception relevant in tunning into objects.
Clairvoyance – seeing
Clairaudience – hearing
Clairsentience – feeling
Claircognizance – knowing

For more information on costs and booking places see the Facebook Event here.

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