Calendar Policy

Calendar Policy

Policy Overview:

The PCV calendar is intended to be a centralised point for Victoria’s Pagan community to get up to date and comprehensive information about relevant events taking place around the state.

The events listed in our calendar are not run, endorsed or supported by the PCV unless otherwise stated.

In accordance with Victorian law, groups and individuals running “family friendly” events will need to supply copies of  Working With Children Cards for all organisers and volunteers in order to see their event included on the Community Calendar.

The PCV and its committee reserve the right to exclude events at their discretion and no further correspondence will be entered into.


Up to date and comprehensive information:  the calendar is regularly maintained. All efforts are made to ensure information is correct, however the PCV takes no responsibility for any last minute changes to event specifics made by event hosts.

Relevant events: for the purpose of this calendar, relevant events include celebrations, rituals, meetups, workshops, etc on topics including but not limited to:

–          Paganism, witchcraft, occultism

–          Public celebrations of Pagan sabbats, esbats and high days

–          Pagan religions, beliefs and traditions

–          Open, outer and inner court courses in specific traditions

–          Seasonal celebrations (the wheel of the year)

–          Community building within the Pagan scene such as pub/coffee moots, picnics, dinners, etc

–          History and anthropology as related to Pagan paths or practice

–          Mythology and lore as related to Pagan paths or practice

–          Skills directly related to ritual practice such as divination, correspondences, magickal herbs, ritual tool making, etc

Unfortunately, we are not currently listing events that relate more to new age rather than Pagan topics, including but not limited to:

–          Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, etc

–          Holistic health and healing

–          Reiki

–          Yoga

–          Angels

–          Meditation not specifically related to ritual practice

–          Astrology

–          Karma

–          Cryptozoology and UFOs


The events listed in our calendar are not run, endorsed or supported by the PCV unless otherwise stated: as a matter of precaution it is recommended that people make all necessary inquiries prior to joining or attending any activity. The PCV accepts no responsibility for non-PCV events.