Committee and Governance Policies

Committee Meeting Attendance Policy

The Committee Attendance Policy is intended to encourage regular attendance at The
Pagan Collective of Victoria’s Board and committee meetings.

Board and committee members are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the
organisation by regular attendance at the Board or committee on which they sit, except
when prevented by unforeseeable events. Committee members not able to attend a
committee meet are required to provide an apology in writing.

Committee Meeting Quorum Policy

The Committee Quorum Policy is an amendment to our definition of quorum in our
constitution guidelines.

A committee meeting can take place with a quorum of executive committee members
(office bearing) plus two non-office bearing members.

Governance Policy

The Board of The Pagan Collective of Victoria is an elective, representative, and
collective body.
• It is elective, in that the determination of committee members is the prerogative of
members through the election process.
• It is representative, in that no member can be mandated by their constituency to
adopt a particular position if they do not believe it to be in the best interests of the
organisation. Whatever the constituency of any member, all members are committed
to acting selflessly and making decisions and voting on governance decisions solely
in the best interests of the organisation.
• It is collective, in that while each member should put the point of view of their
constituency, and each member has the right to argue for their own point of view and
to vote for that position, once a collective decision has been taken committee
members are required to support that decision.

The function of the Committee of The Pagan Collective of Victoria is to collectively ensure
the delivery of the organisation’s goals and to uphold its values. The Board should
collectively be responsible and accountable for ensuring and monitoring that the
organisation is performing well, is solvent, and is complying with all its legal, financial,
and ethical obligations.

Our commitment as committee members is to run our meetings and the governance of
The Pagan Collective of Victoria in accordance with our set model rules and refer to our
model rules for clarification where necessary.

Reasonable Time Policy:

The Pagan Collective of Victoria recognises that many people have different
expectations of what constitutes a reasonable period of time. As we are a volunteer
organisation when responding to formal request we define a reasonable time as ten
business days.

Committee Member induction policy

This policy seeks to ensure that new members of the Board are provided with all the
information and training necessary to enable them to contribute appropriately to the
operations of the Board from the time of their election.

New committee members shall be provided with information necessary to enable them
to contribute appropriately to the operations of the committee. Such as; relevant
organisational documents; mission statement, constitution/rules, policies, current year to date budget, and the most recent annual report.

Transparency & Accountability Policy

The purpose of this policy is to recognise the importance of transparency and
accountability and facilitate the development and implementation of measures by The
Pagan Collective of Victoria’s Committee and volunteers to provide appropriate
transparency and accountability.

Committee Reporting:
The committee must ensure that it complies with its legal and contractual reporting
obligations. They include :
a. Reporting annually to the Members, in accordance with the requirements of
the constitution, on the organisation’s activities in the preceding year, and
providing an opportunity for questions;
b. Preparing financial reports as required by law.

Member Records

The Pagan Collective of Victoria will deal with member records in accordance with
Australian privacy law obligations.
Access to Minutes of General Meetings and the Members Register:
Access to minutes of general meetings and the Members Register will be provided in
accordance with the terms of the constitution.