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You can reach us by email at

Or via our Facebook Page.

For information on how to join the PCV, click here.

Mainstream Media, please take note: The PCV committee does not make comments or appearances in non-pagan media. For media enquiries relating to paganism in Australia, please contact the Pagan Awareness Network, inc.


11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, Could you please add Pagans in the Pub Melbourne, Philippe and Kathy to your list of Pagans condemning the actions of Robin Fletcher.

    Many thanks



  2. Please add the Ordo Templi Crux Ansata (Australian Praeceptory), protesting the release of Fletcher into the community’

    In Life Light Love and Liberty
    H. S. Sandars
    Frater N.M.O.H.S.
    Adeptus Praeceptor, O.T.C.A.


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