Australian Pagan Groups


Alexandrian Wicca (British Traditional Wicca)

Dancing Hare Proto-Grove (ADF)

Druids of Victoria (online only)

Gaia’s Garden

Gardnerian Wicca (British Traditional Wicca)

Geelong Pagans

Into Me I See (Seline Ines)

Melbourne Heathen Moot

Melbourne Reclaiming Community

Queer Pagan Australia

Silver Birch Grove (ADF)

Sovereigns of the Golden Path

The Circle of the Eternal Goddess

The Melbourne Grove – Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

Vegan Wiccans and Occultists of Australia (online only)

Wildwood Tradition – Gede Parma

Witches of Victoria (online only)

Australia-wide Organisations

Pagan Awareness Network, inc

Australian Wiccan Conference

Australia Reclaiming

Druidry Australia (OBOD)

Queer Pagan Australia

Traditional Wicca for the Southern Hemisphere (online only)

Wildwood Tradition – Gede Parma

Witches of Oz (online only)


Tasmanian Pagan Alliance

 Western Australia

Combined Covens

Coven Fintan

Druids of Western Australia (online only)

 South Australia

Pagan Alliance South Australia

Golden Wattle Seed Group (OBOD)

Temple of the Dark Moon


Church of All Worlds Australia

Macadamia Grove (OBOD)

New South Wales

Druids Down Under (online)

Macadamia Grove (OBOD)

Pagan Awareness Network, inc

Song of the Eastern Sea Seed Group (OBOD)

Spheres of Light

Northern Territory

NT Pagans

Global Traditions and Groups

that have a presence in Australia

British Traditional Wicca:
Alexandrian Wicca
Gardnerian Wicca

ADF – Ar nDraiocht Fein (A Druid Fellowship)
BOD – British Order of Druids
OBOD – Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

Church of All Worlds
Reclaiming Tradition


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