Suggested Reading

The following books and articles are noteworthy as they provide insight into Pagan community-building, events, practice, beliefs or history. Some are from local writers while others are from further afield. This list is by no means exhaustive, but provides a good starting point if you are looking for something specific.

Please note that the authors listed below are not necessarily affiliated with the PCV in any way. Similarly, the views expressed within these texts remain those of the author/s and do not necessarily reflect those of the PCV or its committee.

This page is being regularly updated with new resources.

The Basics

We have not included a lot of resources under the “basics” of Paganism, simply because these are often the easiest to find on the internet. If you are new to Paganism, take a look at the material available on – a comprehensive and no-nonsense guide for beginners.

  • Defining Pagan – Jason Mankey
  • Five Things you Can Learn from a Pagan – Karen Clark
  • Singing Down the Sun – Magenta Griffith
  • The Pagan Community: A Survivor’s Guide – Dave Smith
  • What is Paganism? – Patti Wigington
  • Campanelli, P. (1991). Ancient Ways: reclaiming Pagan traditions. Minnesota, USA: Llewellyn.
  • Hutton, R. (1999). The Triumph of the Moon: a history of modern Pagan witchcraft.  Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. (ISBN: 0192854496)
  • Illes, J. (2005). The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft – Judika Illes. New York, USA: Harper Element. (ISBN: 0-00-719293-2)
  • McColman, C. (2002). The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Paganism. New York, USA: Alpha (ISBN: 0-02-864266-X)
  • Starhawk (1989). The Spiral Dance: a rebirth of the religion of the Great Goddess. New York, USA: Harper Collins. (ISBN: 0062508156)
  • Zimmerman, D. and Gleason, K. (2002). The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft – New York, USA: Alpha (ISBN: 0-02-863945-6)

Pagan Etiquette

Paganism in Australia

Groups and Traditions

You can find a comprehensive list of Australian Pagan groups and traditions on our Links page.



  • Geographical Considerations – Inga Leonora
  • Moore, A. (2004). Divining Earth Spirit: an exploration of global and Australasian geomancy.  Australia: Python Press. (ISBN: 0646217003)

Music and Art


Druidry and Bardism
  • Heathenry – BBC Religions
  • Gaiman, N. (2017). Norse Mythology. New York: W. W. Norton and Company. (ISBN: 978-0393609097)
  • Gundarsson, K. (2006) Our Troth: History and Lore. USA: Booksurge. (ISBN13: 9781419635984)
  • Gundarsson, K. (2007) Our Troth: Living the Troth. USA: Booksurge. (ISBN13: 9781419636141)
  • Paxson, D. (2006). Essential Asatru: walking the path of Norse Paganism. New York, USA: Citadel. (ISBN: 0806527080)
Wicca and Witchcraft

The Wheel of the Year

  • Pagan Festivals: the Wheel of the Year – Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering
  • Rituals and Holidays – Raise the Horns
  • The Horned God: An Unofficial Biography – Dave Smith
  • Campanelli, P. (1989). Wheel of the Year: living a magical life. Minnesota, USA: Llewellyn.
  • Hutton, R. (1996). Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. (ISBN: 0192880454)
  • Pennick, N. (1992). The Pagan Book of Days: a guide to the festivals, traditions and sacred days of the year. UK: Destiny Books (ISBN: 0892813695)
  • Slade, P. (1990). Natural Magic: a seasonal guide. London, UK: Hamlyn. (ISBN: 0600570649)
Ostara/Spring Equinox
Beltane/May Day
Litha/Summer Solstice
Mabon/Autumn Equinox

Community and Community Building

Working in a Group or Coven

Working Alone


The Environment

Paganism and Commercialisation

Sex and Gender


  • Auel, J. M. Earth’s Children series.
  • Gaiman, N.
    • The Sandman series.
    • (1994). The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mister Punch: a romance. London, UK: Victor Gollancz. (ISBN: 1-56389-181-6)
    • (2001). American Gods. UK: William Morrow. (ISBN: 0-380-97365-0)
  • Kay, G. G.
    • (1990). Tigana. Canada: Penguin Canada. (ISBN: 0-451-45028-0)
    • (2004). The Last Light of the Sun. Canada: Penguin Canada. (ISBN: 0-14-305148-2)
  • Marillier, J.
  • Paxson, D. L.
  • Paxson, D. L. and Martine-Barnes, A. The Chronicles of Fionn Mac Cumhal series.
  • Pratchett, T. The Discworld Series.
  • Pratchett, T. and Gaiman, N. (1990). Good Omens: the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch. London, UK: Victor Gollancz. (ISBN: 0425132153)
  • Rothfuss, P. The Kingkiller Chronicle series.
  • Slade, P. (2004). Tales Round the Cauldron. London, UK: Capall Bann. (ISBN: 978-1861630469)
  • Starhawk (1993). The Fifth Sacred Thing. New York: Bantam Books (ISBN: 0-553-37380-3)
  • Valente, C.
    • (2006). The Descent of Inanna (ebook). USA: Papaveria Press.
    • (2006). The Orphan’s Tales: in the night garden. USA: Spectra. (ISBN: 978-0553384031)
    • (2007). The Orphan’s Tales: in the cities of coin and spice. USA: Spectra. (ISBN: 978-0553384048)
    • The Fairyland Series
An oak forest near Creswick, Central Victoria, starts to awake from its Winter slumber. Photo taken by Ryan M.
An oak forest near Creswick, Central Victoria, starts to awake from its Winter slumber. Photo taken by Ryan M.

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