Workshop: Casting the Witches’ Runes with Ryan McLeod

Casting the Witches’ Runes Workshop by Ryan McLeod:


Stones O’Leary, Sea Stones, Gypsy Runes… The Witches’ Runes are known by many names.

Not be be confused with Futhark Runes, the Stones O’Leary are their own unique system. In this workshop we will explore an often overlooked divination tool. If you are new to divination or are wanting to add a new skill to your magical knowledge then this workshop is for you.

What you will learn:

– The history of the Witches’ Runes and the mythos behind the stones.

– How to connect with your stones.

– How to interpret the symbols and stone combinations.

– How to cast the stones and perform a reading.

What you will receive:

You will receive your own set of Witches Runes and a workbook for you to take home.

$40 or free for PCV Patreon $5 workshop backers

Time: This workshop goes for 2.5 hours

When: Sunday the 15th of July- 11am to 1:30pm venue to be announced –

Places are limited so please confirm your attendance by purchasing your ticket or signing up for the our $5 Workshop Patreon backers.

(All profits are donated to the The Pagan Collective of Victoria )

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