Inferno Gathering 2018


In 2009 the circle of EUPHORIA was opened for the last time.

Nine years later INFERNO is reborn from its ashes.

INFERNO is an ecstatic, transmutational ritual journey into the Underworld and the Witches Sabbat.

INFERNO is the celebration of the light and dark aspects of life, magick and the world. Join us as we call the timeless GODDZZ* HEKATE, BAPHOMET AND BABALON with ritual, music, movement, sombre reflection and sensual abandon. Feel the wisdom of the WITCH, the BODY and the spirits of the deep EARTH as it is expressed today through workshops, circles and the celebration of like-minded people.

Due to the nature of the events that are offered at INFERNO, this festival is for adults only. Some rituals may contain sexual elements, so, before considering attending INFERNO please carefully read all the information on OUR website (under construction), to assist in making an informed decision.

INFERNO is a Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Intergender, Ace spectrum +, and Hetero friendly Neopagan festival, we celebrate all forms of sexual expression, including asexuality, and all gender identities.

*GODDZZ is a gender-neutral term, pronounced Goddezz in the singular and Goddzz in the plural.

More information, and website coming soon.

Wailing Wytch Ritual Intensive Weekend

Hosted by Seline. Visit the Facebook event page for more details.

Do you have a fire in your belly, an ache within your very core?

Are you holding onto old pain, suppressed emotion’s and so much more?

From time immortal wailing has been used as a form of release, an expression of one’s grief and pain.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is suited for all humans, who have held onto old pain, be it the passing of a loved one that they are still not able to morn or grieve, be it deep suppressed hurt, be it the pain and sorrow of missed opportunity. It is for the expression of the pain we feel for our environment, for Mother Earth, for our children, partners and all that we don’t express, for all that we have dismissed.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is for all who have felt pain, who have been told or believe that their pain is not valid enough to give thought or energy to. IT IS.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is for all those who are now ready to take back their personal power and grow from their experiences!

Investment: $360-00
Deposit: $100-00 is required to secure your place.
Early bird $320-00 (if full payment received by Friday the 3rd August)
Final payment due NO LATER than 24th August 2018
Payment plans can be arranged, please contact me privately.
All Inclusive. This mean’s Accommodation, Meal’s and Ritual material.
Please note that as part of the weekend we as a community will be preparing all meals together.

Payment options via Try booking and

Friday 13th Dark Moon Ritual Weekend

Hosted by Seline. See the Facebook event page for more.

“Come dance with me,
Come play and sing and be free,
Come seek out the deeper, darker aspects that lie buried within,
Come, come share it with me”

Join me in the sacred dance as we together invoke the Dark Mother, in all her wisdom, come hear her words, come find the key that unlocks what is hidden.

For over 2 decades, I have shared in the wisdom of the Dark Mother, in her many forms, and have taken many into the realms that are her worlds.

Once again I open my doors to those seeking connection with self and with the Goddezz within.

Investment: $40.00
Light supper and hot tea/coffee supplied.
However feel free to byo something to share.
A limited number of places.

Payments are only received via direct deposit.
Banking details below.
Banking details are as follows
Seline I. Cardamon-Cairns
BSB: 083232
Account: 186673237
Amount: $40.00

Please add your name and the event date to your payment.
I look forward to sharing my unique style of ritual with you.

Drumming and Fire Circle Imbolc Celebration

Well what a fabulous reason to gather with likeminded souls round a burning fire, whilst dancing to the rhythms of the drums. As we reflect and celebrate Imbolc.
Bring your drum’s, a chair and food to share.

BYO. alcohol.

Limited Numbers!

Hosted by Seline. See the Facebook Event Page for more details.

Dark Moon Ritual Working

Come join me as I once again offer a personal yet shared journey into the realm’s of shadow.
Come dance with me hand in hand as we explore the mysteries of our inner deeper selves.

For many years I have offered ritual as a very powerful tool for healing, allowing the experience of Personal Growth, Release, Transformation, Initiation and Empowerment.
Utilising invocation, moment and chant.

Investment: $70.00 full payment due NO LATER than Mon 17th of May.

Due to the nature of this offering, numbers are strictly limited to 16

Provided: Light refreshments, tea/coffee.

N.B: Comfortable clothing for workshop duration with a change of clothing for ritual.

(This is a clothing optional ritual space.)

Hosted by Seline. See the Facebook Event Page for more details.