PCV Public Yule Ritual Hosted by Silver Birch Grove ADF

We will be celebrating another turn of the wheel of the year, Sunday 18th June at 1pm.

Find us at our usual spot at Rushall Recreation Reserve, by car, parking at the end of Holden St, Brunswick, walking under the railway bridge and just past the stone spiral or a short walk from Rushall Station.
Silver Birch events are family friendly, inclusive and reasonably accessible.

We are a Melbourne based congregation of Neopagan Druids serving the greater Melbourne Area. We are proud to be affiliated with the international organization Ar n Draiocht Fein (www.ADF.org).

Any questions? Feel free to either post your question on our page or send a PM if you would prefer.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

See the Facebook event page for more details.

Feature Article: Lughnassadh 2017

The PCV’s public Lughnassadh ritual was this year hosted by the always welcoming folk of Silver Birch Grove ADF. Thankyou again for such a lovely and meaningful ritual to celebrate the first harvest. 🙂

Lughnassadh 2017

By Ang Bausch

On Sunday we arrived at Rushall Reserve to celebrate our Lughnassadh ritual. It was a very steamy day and the water in the creek very low.

Laughnassdh is a day where we Honour Lugh by show our skills or make meaningful offerings. Silver birch grove followed the core order of ritual, our deity of the occasion was Lugh.

Shaz first offered small apples, her first harvest and then we showed our skills and offerings. Then our senior Druid Shaz, took the omen with the ogham cards. Alder was the card chosen- meaning a shield, guidance and protection. The group took this to be a good omen.

Shaz’s skill was her story telling of Lugh at the gates of Tara, Callum showed his skills in creating our circle, Dean offered his herb smug stick to the fire. Cole offered Obsidian to the grove treasures and an athame he made with birch wood by hand. I offered a poem written for Lughnassdh, Mark offered his herbs and rhubarb, Josie offered her zucchini slice made with her own garden vegetables , Ryan offered us his hand made incense bags, Sarah offered us a beautiful horse shoe, Alex offered his herbs to the fire.

Thank you to all those who attended today and took part in our ritual. We ended our rite with our usual picnic lunch.