Inferno Gathering 2018


In 2009 the circle of EUPHORIA was opened for the last time.

Nine years later INFERNO is reborn from its ashes.

INFERNO is an ecstatic, transmutational ritual journey into the Underworld and the Witches Sabbat.

INFERNO is the celebration of the light and dark aspects of life, magick and the world. Join us as we call the timeless GODDZZ* HEKATE, BAPHOMET AND BABALON with ritual, music, movement, sombre reflection and sensual abandon. Feel the wisdom of the WITCH, the BODY and the spirits of the deep EARTH as it is expressed today through workshops, circles and the celebration of like-minded people.

Due to the nature of the events that are offered at INFERNO, this festival is for adults only. Some rituals may contain sexual elements, so, before considering attending INFERNO please carefully read all the information on OUR website (under construction), to assist in making an informed decision.

INFERNO is a Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Intergender, Ace spectrum +, and Hetero friendly Neopagan festival, we celebrate all forms of sexual expression, including asexuality, and all gender identities.

*GODDZZ is a gender-neutral term, pronounced Goddezz in the singular and Goddzz in the plural.

More information, and website coming soon.

Wailing Wytch Ritual Intensive Weekend

Hosted by Seline. Visit the Facebook event page for more details.

Do you have a fire in your belly, an ache within your very core?

Are you holding onto old pain, suppressed emotion’s and so much more?

From time immortal wailing has been used as a form of release, an expression of one’s grief and pain.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is suited for all humans, who have held onto old pain, be it the passing of a loved one that they are still not able to morn or grieve, be it deep suppressed hurt, be it the pain and sorrow of missed opportunity. It is for the expression of the pain we feel for our environment, for Mother Earth, for our children, partners and all that we don’t express, for all that we have dismissed.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is for all who have felt pain, who have been told or believe that their pain is not valid enough to give thought or energy to. IT IS.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is for all those who are now ready to take back their personal power and grow from their experiences!

Investment: $360-00
Deposit: $100-00 is required to secure your place.
Early bird $320-00 (if full payment received by Friday the 3rd August)
Final payment due NO LATER than 24th August 2018
Payment plans can be arranged, please contact me privately.
All Inclusive. This mean’s Accommodation, Meal’s and Ritual material.
Please note that as part of the weekend we as a community will be preparing all meals together.

Payment options via Try booking and

Friday 13th Dark Moon Ritual Weekend

Hosted by Seline. See the Facebook event page for more.

“Come dance with me,
Come play and sing and be free,
Come seek out the deeper, darker aspects that lie buried within,
Come, come share it with me”

Join me in the sacred dance as we together invoke the Dark Mother, in all her wisdom, come hear her words, come find the key that unlocks what is hidden.

For over 2 decades, I have shared in the wisdom of the Dark Mother, in her many forms, and have taken many into the realms that are her worlds.

Once again I open my doors to those seeking connection with self and with the Goddezz within.

Investment: $40.00
Light supper and hot tea/coffee supplied.
However feel free to byo something to share.
A limited number of places.

Payments are only received via direct deposit.
Banking details below.
Banking details are as follows
Seline I. Cardamon-Cairns
BSB: 083232
Account: 186673237
Amount: $40.00

Please add your name and the event date to your payment.
I look forward to sharing my unique style of ritual with you.

Drumming and Fire Circle Imbolc Celebration

Well what a fabulous reason to gather with likeminded souls round a burning fire, whilst dancing to the rhythms of the drums. As we reflect and celebrate Imbolc.
Bring your drum’s, a chair and food to share.

BYO. alcohol.

Limited Numbers!

Hosted by Seline. See the Facebook Event Page for more details.

Dark Moon Ritual Working

Come join me as I once again offer a personal yet shared journey into the realm’s of shadow.
Come dance with me hand in hand as we explore the mysteries of our inner deeper selves.

For many years I have offered ritual as a very powerful tool for healing, allowing the experience of Personal Growth, Release, Transformation, Initiation and Empowerment.
Utilising invocation, moment and chant.

Investment: $70.00 full payment due NO LATER than Mon 17th of May.

Due to the nature of this offering, numbers are strictly limited to 16

Provided: Light refreshments, tea/coffee.

N.B: Comfortable clothing for workshop duration with a change of clothing for ritual.

(This is a clothing optional ritual space.)

Hosted by Seline. See the Facebook Event Page for more details.

Sacramental Intimacy


Hawthorn and Seline are back and are offering an Insightful, Evocative and Transformational Journey into the Wonders and Pleasure of Sacred Intimacy!

Seline and Hawthorn present
Sacramental Intimacy; a deeply felt experience of being witnessed, held and honoured by ourselves, our partners and our world, a deeply felt experience of witnessing, holding and honouring ourselves, our partners and our world. This is the giving and receiving of love, compassion, respect and honour, the soul deep, heartfelt connection with source that we may recognise in ourselves and in others when we open to the transformative magick of our inner wisdom.

Sacramental Intimacy invites you to embrace your vulnerability in a container that nurtures and fosters exploration, connection and intimacy to the degree, and in the form that you are best able to assimilate and accept.

Utilising techniques of meditation, ritual, mindfulness sex magick and sacramental eroticism we will explore the journey towards self-love and intimacy that begins with self-acceptance.

This is a sacred inclusive experience, all ages (over 18), sizes, races, genders and sexual orientations are welcome and celebrated.

Due to the nature of this workshop and ritual numbers are strictly limited.

$320 early bird. $360 after 12/5/17, final payment 26/5/17

See the Facebook Event Page for more information.

Dark Moon Ritual Working

See the Facebook Event for details.

Seline Says:

“Come join me as I once again offer a personal yet shared journey into the realm’s of shadow.
Come dance with me hand in hand as we explore the mystries of our inner deeper selves.

For many years I have offered ritual as a very powerful tool for healing allowing the experience of Personal Growth, Transformation, Initiation and Empowerment through Ritual Energy, Movement, Chant and Release.”

Investment: $50.00
Provided: Light refreshments, tea/coffee.

N.B: Comfortable clothing for workshop duration with a change of clothing for ritual.
This is a clothing optional ritual space.

See the Facebook Event for details.

The Dance of the Elements: A Personal Journey

See the Facebook Event for more details.

The effects and influences of the Elements are certainly felt within our being and by opening our awareness to how the Elements influence our lives, our inner and outer realms we can gain a better understanding of self.

Come join me in a five week journey of exploration as you create and strengthen your personal relationship with each of the Elements, gaining a deeper sense of Self.

We begin week One with EARTH, utilising, visualisations, exercises, ritual.

Week Two AIR: 31st May.
Week Three FIRE: 7th June.
Week Four Water: 14th June.
Week Five: Communion with SPIRIT! 30th June.
Bringing it all together!

Investment: $40.00 per workshop.
$50.00 Communion with Spirit.
Light refreshments and tea/coffee will be available.

See the Facebook Event for more details.

The Veil, Vessel & Web: Two Days of Possession, Oracular Trance & Spellcraft

See the Facebook Event Page for more details.

This two-day intensive explores the Witch as the Seer, the Vessel and the Caster of Spells. Together we will delve deeply beyond the Veil to acquire the Gift of Sacred Sight and ignite the Seer within. We will cleanse, clear and align Self with All-Self and become the Holy Vessel to the Hidden, Mysterious and Mighty Potencies – to draw down/in the Gods and Spirits and to allow for direct interface and intimacy with the human community. We will also reclaim the sorcery inherent in our Craft and learn tried and true techniques for successful and ecstatic spellcraft – to wilfully and willingly weave with the strands of the Web and work with the Will of God Herself to attain to Desire, fulfil Necessity and affect Change.

In order to attend this intensive you must have a foundational magical practice that is alive to you and a conscious and tended relationship with your Spirits.

Waged: $250
Partially waged: $170-200
Unwaged: $150

There will be two places reserved for Trans/Indigenous/People of Colour/Activist/Queer/Single Parents who require financial assistance.

Contact to register.

About the teacher:

Fio, who writes and teaches under their birth name Gede Parma, has been teaching workshops and intensives on ecstatic witchcraft, oracular and possessory technique, and sorcerous spellcraft for over a decade internationally. They are the current Lucifer (Magister) of a Traditional Witch covenant within the Wildwood Tradition and a trained Reclaiming and WitchCamp teacher. He descends from powerful and wondrous families hailing from Bali, Ireland, Scotland, and England. They recently moved to invaded land whose First Peoples are the Wurundjeri, the Traditional Owners of the place called Melbourne. Fio is a published author, a contemporary dancer in training, and a very queer witchcraft nerd.


See the Facebook Event Page for more details.



Throughout and About: The PCV in April 2017

The PCV in April 2017

April was chilly, but was dotted with lots of PCV goodness, especially catch-ups in cosy corners, and a beautiful Samhain rite.

PCV Public Samhain Ritual

By Alex

On the 30th of April The PCV held our Samhain public ritual. It was held by Seline Ines (of Into Me I See) at her lovely home.
We started by walking up to the ritual space while singing Earth My Body. Once in the ritual space and in a circle the elements were welcomed, Hecate was called upon. We proceeded to do a visualisation of all our loved ones. From there we went to the ancestor tree while singing Bone by Bone. We then walked around the ancestor tree and tied our ribbons to the tree.
Once this was completed we stood in a circle around the tree as Seline tied a large black ribbon to the tree. We then charged a drink as a sacrament which was then poured into each person’s goblet and then drank of. After this we then headed down the path back to the house while singing The River is Flowing.
Once back at the house we shared a meal. A drum circle was set up and people started dancing. There were discussions among the group on various topics. People caught up with old friends new friends  and memories made. We were taught about rue, a herb of cleansing that had been used to cleanse the ritual space.
It was a lovely night and I would love to thank Seline and all involved for participating in such a lovely and powerful event.

CBD Pagan Pub Moots

By Dorian

Safely nestled inside The Last Jar, protected from stormy Melbourne weather outside, the April CBD moot was a huge success with several new faces and many regulars in attendance.
A stimulating discussion was had about the nature of altars; what they are, what purpose they serve, where to place them and of course what people put on them. From rustic immovable stone plinths to piles of books, statues, and the benefits of electric candles, each an expression of self and personal flair. After the formal discussion was done, the moot enjoyed a relaxed conversational setting which lasted well into the evening while still maintaining paganism as the primary focus. A phenomenal time was had by all, sharing perspectives on each’s respective craft, and enjoying wonderful company.


Monthly Hills Coffee Meetups

By Sarah

I keep forgetting to take photos of the Hillsmeets. I have the very best of intentions, knowing that I have to report back to the PCV blog with (hopefully) a jolly photo of everyone looking jolly, but what actually happens is that honestly we’re all having too much fun and by the time someone says “Oh, did you need to take a photo for the blog because you got a bit sweary about forgetting to take one last month?” the cafe staff are politely throwing us out because we’re the last people in the venue and they’ve been vacuuming around us while we continue to talk a mile a minute, and the photo would look a bit sad. So I do my now-a-monthly-tradition swear, and make someone promise to remind me to take a photo for the blog *next* month, and no-one does, because we’re all talking too much.
So you don’t get a photo, but it’s a really good thing because it means that the Hillsmeets are a ridiculous amount of fun. This month we talked about our journeys; where we started, where we’re going, how our practices have changed, and continue to evolve. There’s something really special about sitting around a table with a bunch of people who Get It, and understand how these journeys can evolve; who listen and share their own experiences. It feels like home, and it’s lovely. It’s even better with cake, but I don’t have to tell you that, reader.
The Hillsmeets have got so popular and we’re all rather fond of them and so it looks as though we’ll be branching out with the odd weekday dinner, which will be advertised in the usual places. Because a month really is too long between catch-ups sometimes, and a couple of the regulars can’t make the usual weekend ones any more, and honestly, why not. So stay tuned for updates, and if you haven’t come along to one of the Hills gatherings yet, come along! They really are that much fun.


Central Victorian Pagans and Heathens in the Cafe

By Josie

We relocated the Central Vic Meet to Ballarat this month, to coincide with our committee meeting (minutes will be available soon). This meet was well attended, and we enjoyed a delicious Irish lunch while we talked over, under, in and out of all things Pagan.
Our next meet is in July, with the final in November. During these meets we’ll be deciding on meeting dates for next year, as well as whether we keep them quarterly or move to monthly or bi-monthly. If you’d like to have a say, or even if you are a Pagan sort from central Victoria who enjoys a coffee and a chat, come down and say hi!