Hekate – Embracing and Honouring the Crone

Hosted by Muses of Mystery. See the Facebook event page for more details.

In Western cultures there is a fear of growing and of looking older. For a woman to come truly into her power she must become the Crone, the WiseWoman, the Elder.

In earth-based cultures the Crone or Elder is revered and celebrated for her wisdom and power. They are valued leaders, teachers, spiritual advisers.

Join the Muses as we explore this most potent aspect of the Goddess.

Through ritual, meditation and spellcrafting, this workshop is dedicated to Hekate, the Goddess of Ancient Greece, associated with crossroads, portals in the Underworld, light, magick, witchcraft, and knowledge of the Solanaceae plants.

Learn to embrace the three aspects the Maiden, Mother or Crone, to honour and to integrate them into our being at this time of transformation and impending darkness of Winter.

Discuss the evolving aspects of witchcraft and gender and the relevance of acknowledging all stages of earthly life.

Strictly limited to 8 people per class to allow time and individual attention during this uniquely personal experience. As this event is advertised elsewhere please book early to avoid disappointment!

$65 including all materials and a light refreshment of herbal teas and snacks.

This event is open to all ages over 18 and to all people.

Please contact the Muses of Mystery for payment details. Places are confirmed immediately after full payment is received. Receipts available.

Hosted by Muses of Mystery. See the Facebook event page for more details.