Inferno Gathering 2018


In 2009 the circle of EUPHORIA was opened for the last time.

Nine years later INFERNO is reborn from its ashes.

INFERNO is an ecstatic, transmutational ritual journey into the Underworld and the Witches Sabbat.

INFERNO is the celebration of the light and dark aspects of life, magick and the world. Join us as we call the timeless GODDZZ* HEKATE, BAPHOMET AND BABALON with ritual, music, movement, sombre reflection and sensual abandon. Feel the wisdom of the WITCH, the BODY and the spirits of the deep EARTH as it is expressed today through workshops, circles and the celebration of like-minded people.

Due to the nature of the events that are offered at INFERNO, this festival is for adults only. Some rituals may contain sexual elements, so, before considering attending INFERNO please carefully read all the information on OUR website (under construction), to assist in making an informed decision.

INFERNO is a Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Intergender, Ace spectrum +, and Hetero friendly Neopagan festival, we celebrate all forms of sexual expression, including asexuality, and all gender identities.

*GODDZZ is a gender-neutral term, pronounced Goddezz in the singular and Goddzz in the plural.

More information, and website coming soon.

Sacramental Intimacy


Hawthorn and Seline are back and are offering an Insightful, Evocative and Transformational Journey into the Wonders and Pleasure of Sacred Intimacy!

Seline and Hawthorn present
Sacramental Intimacy; a deeply felt experience of being witnessed, held and honoured by ourselves, our partners and our world, a deeply felt experience of witnessing, holding and honouring ourselves, our partners and our world. This is the giving and receiving of love, compassion, respect and honour, the soul deep, heartfelt connection with source that we may recognise in ourselves and in others when we open to the transformative magick of our inner wisdom.

Sacramental Intimacy invites you to embrace your vulnerability in a container that nurtures and fosters exploration, connection and intimacy to the degree, and in the form that you are best able to assimilate and accept.

Utilising techniques of meditation, ritual, mindfulness sex magick and sacramental eroticism we will explore the journey towards self-love and intimacy that begins with self-acceptance.

This is a sacred inclusive experience, all ages (over 18), sizes, races, genders and sexual orientations are welcome and celebrated.

Due to the nature of this workshop and ritual numbers are strictly limited.

$320 early bird. $360 after 12/5/17, final payment 26/5/17

See the Facebook Event Page for more information.