Ecstatic Tarot: Sorcery, Divination and Mysticism in the Cards

Hosted by Wyrd Workings – Gede Parma.

A thorough and ecstatic introduction, orientation and immersion within the centuries-old medium and being known as the Tarot.

In this course we will work with both the Major (Greater) and Minor (Lesser) Arcana (Mysteries). In meditation, trance, and ritual we will explore a potent and deep Fool’s journey through the 21 numbered cards that begin the magical deck.

We will meet the Pages/Princesses, Knights/Princes, Kings, and Queens of the court cards and discover the divinatory articulation and sorcerous application of the 56 Minor Arcana.

Come with a deck of traditional Tarot (78 cards NOT oracle decks), or if you have an adapted-Tarot be ready and willing to learn the foundational traditions and wisdom first. By the culmination of this course each participant will have the foundational tools and know-how to take this divinatory system home and into their relationships to wield in oracular, magical, and mythic ways.

This is a 6 week course held on Thursday evenings (7-10 PM) from the 15th of February until the 22nd of March.

Sliding scale of $150-300.
In recognition that financial circumstance often correlates to systems of privilege and oppression, two free spaces will be held for folks who are Indigenous, of Colour, Queer, Trans, single parents, or who are living with disability or mental illness. If you wish to take one of these spaces, simply e-mail and fill out the google form ignoring the questions regarding deposits.

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Workshop: Roots and Bones

Journey into the mysteries of the craft for those that walk between the worlds.

ROOTS & BONES is a one day event that calls us to explore our unique stories, our Gods and our Ancestors of the heart as men who love men so we may deepen our roots of connection and strengthen our own unique paths.

This workshop is for men who love men (including Queer, Gay, Bi and female-to-male transgender men), ages 18 and older.

Join us for a day of workshops, discussion, technique training and ritual through the practices of a variety of Gay and Queer inclusive paths. The aim of the event is to deepen your practice and connection to Divinity as a man who loves men as well as explore and share with each other.

The workshops will be run by a variety of special guest presenters. Each brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience as teachers and practitioners in many forms of the Craft including the Unnamed Path, Anderson Feri, Reclaiming and Wild Wood traditions.

David Shorey (USA), Tommie StarChild (USA) and Gede Parma (Australia) – Full details on the Presenters and the Workshops are in the event images and on QPMA Facebook Page.

Foundation Ticket – $95 Full/$75 Concession if paid before August 2017

Early Bird Ticket – $110 Full/$90 Concession if paid before October 2017

Regular Ticket – $130 Full/$110 Concession

Tickets include entry for the full day of workshops and ritual.
Light refreshments will be provided for morning and afternoon tea. Please bring a plate to share for lunch.

Send an email to with your full name, contact details and ticket/s you are booking.

The event location is in a wonderful private hall space located at the eastern edge of the city. It is close to public transport. Full details will be provided upon booking.

Roots & Bones is being held the day before Melbourne’s LGBTQ festival launch on Sun 14th Jan – Midsumma Carnival Day. So if you are traveling interstate then why not make a weekend of it. More information can be found on the Midsumma Festival website.

*We ask that you arrive on time as there will be no refunds for no show or late arrivals.
*This is a drug and alcohol free event.
* Concession ticket holders are to bring a valid concession card on the day.

More information at:

Workshop: The Star in the Stone – Exploring Folkloric-Traditional Witchery

Hosted by Wyrd Workings – Gede Parma

The Star in the Stone: Exploring Folkloric-Traditional Witchery is a journey into understanding and intimating cosmologies, ecology, technique, and lore arising out the treasure trove of Old Craft as related to oracular, ecstatic, spell-casting, trance-taking, two-handed, heretical, spirit-fucking animistic traditions.

This 5-hour workshop will engage theory and practice.

Experience with entering ritual and trance states, understanding grounding, centering, boundaries, warding, and awareness of personal spirits is necessary.

A sliding scale of $40-70. Two spaces will be held for Queer, Trans*, People of Colour, Single Parents, or any other person who by some other circumstance requires it.

Register here:

Click here to see the Facebook event page.

Course: Iron Pentacle – Reclaiming Ourselves

Hosted by Wyrd Workings – Gede Parma

One of Reclaiming Tradition’s Core Classes.

The Iron Pentacle is a tool whose origins are in the Anderson Feri Tradition (an American Traditional Witchcraft) which is a root of Reclaiming.

In this 6-week class (one 3-hour session per week, Wednesday evenings) we will meet to explore and reclaim our


Register here:

Sliding scale – $90-$250


23rd of August
30th of August
6th of September
13th of September
20th of September
27th of September

Elements of Magic is a pre-requisite.

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The Veil, Vessel & Web: Two Days of Possession, Oracular Trance & Spellcraft

See the Facebook Event Page for more details.

This two-day intensive explores the Witch as the Seer, the Vessel and the Caster of Spells. Together we will delve deeply beyond the Veil to acquire the Gift of Sacred Sight and ignite the Seer within. We will cleanse, clear and align Self with All-Self and become the Holy Vessel to the Hidden, Mysterious and Mighty Potencies – to draw down/in the Gods and Spirits and to allow for direct interface and intimacy with the human community. We will also reclaim the sorcery inherent in our Craft and learn tried and true techniques for successful and ecstatic spellcraft – to wilfully and willingly weave with the strands of the Web and work with the Will of God Herself to attain to Desire, fulfil Necessity and affect Change.

In order to attend this intensive you must have a foundational magical practice that is alive to you and a conscious and tended relationship with your Spirits.

Waged: $250
Partially waged: $170-200
Unwaged: $150

There will be two places reserved for Trans/Indigenous/People of Colour/Activist/Queer/Single Parents who require financial assistance.

Contact to register.

About the teacher:

Fio, who writes and teaches under their birth name Gede Parma, has been teaching workshops and intensives on ecstatic witchcraft, oracular and possessory technique, and sorcerous spellcraft for over a decade internationally. They are the current Lucifer (Magister) of a Traditional Witch covenant within the Wildwood Tradition and a trained Reclaiming and WitchCamp teacher. He descends from powerful and wondrous families hailing from Bali, Ireland, Scotland, and England. They recently moved to invaded land whose First Peoples are the Wurundjeri, the Traditional Owners of the place called Melbourne. Fio is a published author, a contemporary dancer in training, and a very queer witchcraft nerd.


See the Facebook Event Page for more details.