Meeting Minutes: AGM 2017

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Annual General Meeting Minutes 20/8/2017


Present: Josie, Ryan, Carrie, Nickole, Geoff, Elkie, Dean, Alex, Fran, Mark, Dorian, Lucas, Sarah, Seamus


Apologies: Shaz, Ang


Meeting Location: The Last Jar, Melbourne

Meeting Open: 12.42PM



  1. Presentation of Annual Report (Chair) –

It’s been another great year, the meetups have really flourished and grown, the calendar is our most visited page on the website and the feedback has been really positive overall. We are now moving into our fourth year as a successful not-for-profit and it is exciting to see it continue to grow and flourish.


  1. Secretary’s Report –

Memberships have continued to climb in a fairly even fashion over the year, we now have over 340 registered members out there and over a thousand Facebook likes. Pretty exciting, some of the members are even from other states and countries.


  1. Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer) –

Apart from the Spiral Dance/Kc Guy concert there was not really any financial activity, at least on the income front. We still have the usual costs of website, annual fees to consumer affairs etc. which are covered by donation from committee members (Josie and Ryan). Currently we have $142.70 in the bank.


  1. Election of Management Committee/Office Bearers –

The committee positions this year ran un-contested, only receiving nominations for the current incumbents.
President – Josie H
Vice President – Nickole H
Treasurer – Ryan M
Secretary – Mark H

Community Liaison – Sarah M


General Committee Members:
Seamus, Fran, Alex, Elkie, Dorian, Shaz, Ange, Carrie and Dean


Closing Remarks

Thank-you all and welcome to the new committee!


Meeting End: 12.54 PM


Annual General Meeting 2017

2017 AGM Header

Annual General Meeting 2017

The AGM for the Pagan Collective of Victoria will be taking place on the 20th of August 2017, 12pm at the Last Jar in Melbourne. This will be followed by a general committee meeting and the CBD Pagan Pub Moot.

Nominations are now open for President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and Community Liaison Officer – a new position for 2017. We are also seeking nominations for general committee members. To nominate yourself or someone else for any of these roles, please email your nomination to:

Before you send it, make sure your nominee is aware that they are being nominated, and that they agree to it! 🙂 Nominees should also make themselves familiar with the Model Rules of Association, and the PCV Committee Roles, both available on our website.


All PCV members are eligible to nominate and be nominated. Nominees must attend the AGM in person.

Click here to view the 2017-2018 Committee Roles and Responsibilities.

Click here to see the Facebook event for this meeting.