2016 AGM Minutes

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Annual General Meeting Minutes 23/7/2016


Present: Josie, Ryan, Sarah, Dorian, Nikole, Mark

Apologies: River, Shaz, Ang, Fiona, Lucas

Absent: Ceilidh, Buck, Belinda, Cossette, Ben, Mei

Meeting Location: The Wesley Anne, Northcote

Meeting Open: 2.30PM


  1. Presentation of Annual Report (Chair) –

It’s been another great year, the meetups have really flourished and grown, the calendar is our most visited page on the website and the feedback has been really positive overall. We are moving ahead this year with a leaner committee but we still anticipate having another successful year as we continue to focus on our goals of helping to grow the pagan community in Victoria and help pagans find each other and events.


  1. Secretary’s Report –

Memberships have continued to climb in a fairly even fashion over the year, we now have over 200 registered members out there getting updates and newsletters. Pretty exciting, some of them are even from other states.


  1. Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer) –

This year was pretty quiet financially, with no events run that raised funds and the expenses faced by the organization (website maintenance etc.) being covered by members of the committee. The funds from the PayPal are going to be transferred across to the bank account.


  1. Election of Management Committee/Office Bearers –

Only one of the titled committee positions has received more than one nomination for the office, so with no objections being presented the uncontested positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary were awarded to the nominees with the title bearers being:

President – Josie H
Treasurer – Ryan M
Secretary – Mark H

The position of Vice-President received a two nominees all who were given a chance to speak at the meeting about themselves and the ideas they would like to bring to office. After this the proxies were counted and the committee voted to elect the Vice-President. The candidate with the most votes being Nikole was voted in.


It was decided that a new Executive Committee position would be made for Sarah this year – Event Co-Ordinator. This was passed unanimously.


For the general committee there were a total of 4 nominees, none of which were objected to. All were voted in. They were: Dorian, Shaz, Ange and Lucas.

Meeting End: 2.38 PM


Agenda for Annual General Meeting 2016

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Annual General Meeting Agenda

July 23, 2016

1pm – The Wesley Anne, Northcote

Type of Meeting: Annual General Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Josephine Harris

Invitees: All PCV members

  • Opening remarks/Welcome


  • Apologies
  • Presentation of Annual Report (Chair/Secretary)


  • Adoption of Annual Report


  • Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)
  • Adoption of Accounts
  • Election of Management Committee/Office Bearers


  • Closing remarks


Agenda – March 2016 Committee Meeting

The Pagan Collective of Victoria, inc

Meeting Agenda 05/03/2016






Meeting Location: The Wesley Anne, Northcote

Meeting Open: 1pm

President’s Report – Josie

Secretary’s Report – Mark

Treasurer’s Report – Ryan

Announcements – All

  • Deepest sympathies to Melbourne Reclaiming, who lost one of their own in tragic circumstances recently.
  • Meeting quorum policy
  • Other Policies
  • WWC Cards
  • PCV Committee Facebook Group
  • Public Sabbat Rituals

Memberships – Josie

2016 dates – Josie
Confirmed dates:

Sat, 19/3 – Mabon Ritual

Sun, 20/3 – CBD Pub Moot

Sun, 27/3 – PitP Ballarat

Sun, 24/4 – PitP Ballarat

Sun, 15/5 – CBD Pub Moot

Sat, 28/5 – Pagans in the cafe Central Vic

Sun, 17/7 – CBD Pub Moot

Sat, 6/8 – Pagans in the cafe Central Vic

Sun, 18/9 – CBD Pub Moot

Sat, 19/11 – Pagans in the cafe Central Vic

Sun, 20/11 – CBD Pub Moot

Proposed/tentative dates:

Pagans in the Park – Sun, 23/4

Yule Dinner – Sat, 18/6

Meeting Dates – Sat 23/7 (inc. AGM), Sat 10/9, Sat 26/11


Mabon Ritual 2016 – Josie/Ryan

Samhain Ritual 2016 – Seline/Ryan

Pagans in the Park 2016 – Ryan

Yule Dinner 2016 – Josie

PCV Crafts – Mark

Pagan Expo 2016 – Seline/Ryan

Any other business


Meeting End: