Adventures in the Pearl Pentacle: Three Month Distance Course

Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty, Wisdom…

From Sex to Love, and we fall into the embrace of Life…
From Pride to Law, we learn where we stand and how…
From Self to Knowledge, and we are illumined in our core…
From Power to Liberty, we work with each other to open the gates…
From Passion to Wisdom, we distill and drink the waters of the Well…

We return to Love. Always.

3 month distance course exploring the Pearl Pentacle via Zoom and Facebook.

The course consists of 6 Conference calls, each 2 hours long. These happen two weeks apart. Communication between calls will be via a Secret Facebook Group solely for the use of course participants.

This is a Core Reclaiming Class diving deeply into the five points of the the Pearl Pentacle: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom.

Requirements for this Course are that you have taken Reclaiming Iron Pentacle.

Cost (in Australian dollars):
$300 (waged) $270 (partially waged), $240 (unwaged)

Dates for the 2018 Pearl Course are:

March 24/25 (depending where you are), April 7/8, April 21/22, May 5/6, May 19/20, June 2/3.

Register here:

Jane Meredith is a ritualist and author. Her books include: Journey to the Dark Goddess, Circle of Eight and Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality. She has worked actively with the Iron Pentacle over the last seven years.

Gede Parma (Fio) is a witch, queer, and a lover of wild ones. She is the author of Spirited, By Land, Sky & Sea and Ecstatic Witchcraft. He lives currently in Wurundjeri Country, Narrm/Melbourne, Australia. Iron and Pearl are some of hir companions.

Together Jane and Gede co-wrote Magic of the Iron Pentacle.

See the Facebook event page for other details.

Ecstatic Tarot via Distance

Hosted by Wyrd Workings – Gede Parma

Via distance.

A thorough and ecstatic introduction, orientation and immersion within the centuries-old medium and being known as the Tarot.

In this course we will work with both the Major (Greater) and Minor (Lesser) Arcana (Mysteries). In meditation, trance, and ritual we will explore a potent and deep Fool’s journey through the 21 numbered cards that begin the magical deck.

We will meet the Pages/Princesses, Knights/Princes, Kings, and Queens of the court cards and discover the divinatory articulation and sorcerous application of the 56 Minor Arcana.

Come with a deck of traditional Tarot (78 cards NOT oracle decks), or if you have an adapted-Tarot be ready and willing to learn the foundational traditions and wisdom first. By the culmination of this course each participant will have the foundational tools and know-how to take this divinatory system home and into their relationships to wield in oracular, magical, and mythic ways.

This is a 6 week course held from the 16th of Feb-23rd of March. Ideally it would be best to make every 2 hour call, but all calls will be recorded and e-mailed.

Sliding scale of $150-300.
In recognition that financial circumstance often correlates to systems of privilege and oppression, two free spaces will be held for folks who are Indigenous, of Colour, Queer, Trans, single parents, or who are living with disability or mental illness. If you wish to take one of these spaces, simply e-mail and fill out the google form ignoring the questions regarding deposits.

Register here: