New Moon in Aquarius & Chinese New Year with Yuchen

This event costs $55 to attend and bookings must be made through Spellbox’s event: New Moon in Aquarius & Chinese New Year with Yuchen on Facebook.

The New Moon is in Aquarius on the 5th of February.

Cast the magick circle on the eve of the new moon and Chinese New Year (year of the pig) and create a potent wish for luck with an enchanting witch.

Bookings are essential.

Please arrive 10 minutes early.

There are no refunds for tickets.

Lammas/Lughnasadh Celebration and Ritual

Celebrate Lammas with The Muses as we honour the bounty of the first harvest.

This celebration contains ritual, traditional Lughnasadh crafting.

Participants are encouraged to bring some food to share with the group.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Buy tickets online at or in store. This is a popular event and spaces are limited. No refunds or credit notes issued for non attendance.

Fee: $ 35 includes a light refreshment and all materials.

Lughnasadh with Dancing Hare Grove

Dancing Hare Grove will be hosting its inaugural event, a public Lughnasadh ritual in Central Victoria. It will follow the ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin) core order of ritual and is going to be working with the Norse hearth culture.

We will be gathering near the pavilion next to the carpark and starting as promptly as possible to 1.00.

After the ritual will be gathering for a post-ritual picnic and a chance for everyone to socialize. Feel free to bring some food to share, being Central Victoria in summer please make sure to wear sensible clothing for the weather as it will most likely be scorching hot, and remember to drink lots of water.

To stay up to date on event information changes check out the Facebook event for Lughnasadh.

Reclaiming Brigid/Imbolc Open Ritual

Hosted by the Melbourne Reclaiming community:


O Brid is come, Brid is welcome, welcome Brid!

Reclaiming witches and pagans of Melbourne invite you to our open ritual for our Brigid Feast, for the sabbat of Imbolc.

This ritual draws its inspiration from the San Francisco Brigid ritual that has been happening annually since 1982. It is a ritual born of the need to grief, express rage, and pledge to action. It is a magical working, a ritual, and a powerful container for activists, pagans, witches, artists, healers, priestesses, and anyone who feels drawn, to come together and transform grief into inspiration, and rage into action.

More details to come. Enjoy the turning of the Wheel.

– Melbourne Reclaiming Brigid Cell, Autumn Equinox 2018. x

Imbolc Celebration and Ritual

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Come join our circle and celebrate Imbolc (ee-molc)

Learn about the origins of this Fire Sabbat, and welcome back the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden.

We celebrate the first signs of Spring and the return of the Sun.

Create magickal seasonal spells as the Wheel again turns at this magickal time of the year. Handcraft traditional symbols to decorate your altar.

$35 inc all materials and a feast to share.

Bookings are essential as tickets are limited!

A light refreshment is offered but we encourage all to bring along a small plate to share or to cover any special dietary requirements.

Bookings through and instore.

Open to all.