Melbourne Heathen Moot

Melbourne Heathen Moot is a gathering of like minded individuals who meet on a monthly basis in Melbourne Australia. Our primary interest is in the northern Pagan tradition, sometimes called Ásatrú or Heathenry.

We will be sitting out the front of the cafe, or inside somewhere if it’s too cold/hot.

Please note this is an 18+ event.

Visit the Melbourne Heathen Moot Facebook Page for more information.

PCV Melbourne Pagans in the Pub

The Pagan Collective of Victoria invites you to come along to its monthly CBD Pagan Pub Moot.

Come along and have a meal and meet some like-minded people in a friendly environment. All paths and levels of experience are welcome.
Please note that as this event revolves around adult conversation.
The Pagan Collective of Victoria (PCV) is Victoria’s only non-profit, incorporated association dedicated to providing state-wide community building and networking opportunities for Pagans. Our members are from a wide variety of paths, practices and walks of life.

The PCV CBD pubmoots are on the move!
We’ll be experimenting with different venues over the coming months until we can settle on a good fit. Be sure to check the location before attending!

Discussion topic of the month:

Look for the table displaying the green and white PCV gum and oak leaf logo card!

Pagan Pyjama Party Episode 1.08: Melbourne Pagan Pride Day 2019

PPP 108 CoverPresentations and interviews recorded live at Melbourne Pagan Pride Day, 2019.  Featuring Sarah, Fran, Shaz, Elkie, Ryan, Dorian, Keegan, Dean, Ria, Mark and Josie. Full show notes can be found here.

Music this episode was Child of Stone by Willow Darling.

(Click on the episode cover image to listen.)

Show notes: Episode 1.08

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Pagans in the Pub Melbourne

Pagans in the Pub Melbourne is the original Pagan monthly meet up in Melbourne. We meet every month on the first Saturday at the historical Grandview Hotel in Fairfield.

The event is free and open to everyone who is curious or interested in modern Paganism and witchcraft. Children accompanied by adults are welcome. Come and join us for a casual meal, coffee or a drink.

You will find us outside in the beer garden if the weather is fine, but indoors in the bar just off the car park if it is wet or cold so come along and join us. If you have trouble finding us or would like to know more, please ring or text Philippe on 0402 437 086.

Visit the Pagans in the Pub Melbourne Facebook page for more information.