Samhain with Dancing Hare Grove

Dancing Hare Grove will be hosting a public Samhain ritual in Central Victoria. It will follow the ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin) core order of ritual and is going to be working with the Norse hearth culture.

We will be gathering near the pavilion next to the carpark and starting as promptly as possible to 1.00.

After the ritual will be gathering under the pavilion for a post-ritual picnic and a chance for everyone to socialize. Feel free to bring some food to share, being Central Victoria the weather can be very unpredictable. Please monitor weather forecasts and prepare yourself accordingly.

To keep up to date with event details and changes check out the Facebook event for Samhain.

PCV Pagan Pride Day 2019

Grab your picnic gear and a camp chair and join the PCV for a casual and informative gathering in Edinburgh Gardens to celebratePagan Pride Day 2019.

It will be a great opportunity to meet representatives from a large cross-section of the Victorian pagan community and find out more about what is happening in our vibrant, diverse and open community. Best of all it is free.

We will be gathering behind the rotunda which is visible from St George’s Rd and is almost directly opposite the intersection of Brunswick St North and St George’s Rd. We are going to have up some banners and flags which should help make us easier to find.

Melbourne Heathen Moot

Melbourne Heathen Moot is a gathering of like minded individuals who meet on a monthly basis in Melbourne Australia. Our primary interest is in the northern Pagan tradition, sometimes called Ásatrú or Heathenry.

We will be sitting out the front of the cafe, or inside somewhere if it’s too cold/hot.

Please note this is an 18+ event.

Visit the Melbourne Heathen Moot Facebook Page for more information.

Pagan Pyjama Party Episode 1.07: The Druid Hive Mind

S1e07 coverEpisode 7: The Druid Hive Mind (March 2019)

This month, Josie and Mark discussed public Paganism, impostor syndrome and Mark’s brand new ADF Protogrove, Dancing Hare Protogrove, ADF. They also ate some cold chips they left in the car.

Music this episode was Earthly By and By by Freya Josephine Hollick.


The Element of Air Workshop

Discover how to create a strong connection with the air elements, empower your everyday life and open you to a new dimension of beings that work beyond our physical world! Be introduced to the element of Air and meet two of the Elemental Beings connected to the floating realms; Pegasus and Faeries. Learn how to connect with and embrace this energy!

AIR! Soft breezes curling around your body in soft embrace or rapid, cold and snarling winds whipping about in the midst of a storm. A place of beginnings, of the mind, intellect, clarity of thought and inspiration. With Air the mind births the action signals required to stimulate the body into movement. All beginnings, when first whispered, are an invisible vibration which is the very make up of air. It is this element that lifts the wings of birds, raising them to heights where they soar above the world and it is Air that allows our own invisible wings to be lifted high above the plane we dwell on, taking us into the realm of possibilities.

We can also get to know the Elemental beings, the children of the Elements, who share the Earth with us and know each of the Elements intimately. In this workshop something of their mystical, magickal energy will touch your heart and if you are lucky, tickle you all over!!

Topics Covered In This Air Element workshop:
**What are the elements?
**What are elemental beings?
**Embracing the element of Air
**Air characteristics and associations (colours, astrological signs, plane, senses, herbs & trees, animals, etc)
**The Air Elemental altar
**Introducing an Elemental Being: Pegasus
**Introducing an Elemental Being: Faeries
**Practical exercises to connect with Pegasus and Faeries
**Decorate and charge your own element Air candle, a magickal tool to help you connect to this element in future

This workshop can be studied individually or as part of the Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program.

Only $60p/person to attend and bookings are essential. To book your place contact Mystical Dragon on 03 9782 5091 or for more information or to make your booking online click this link:

Held at Mystical Dragon, 22 Heversham Drive, Seaford Victoria, Australia

Monthly Hills Pagan Coffee Meets

The Hills coffee meets are friendly and inclusive, and open to pagans of all paths and practices. We enjoy diversity and welcome those of all levels of experience, and from anywhere – you don’t have to be a Hills resident to come along.

The coffee meets are not, however, suitable for children – even when accompanied by a guardian – so please help us to keep them a relaxed, grown-up space for adults.

Meets are held at the Earthly Pleasures Cafe in Belgrave, Victoria (Australia), on the first or second Sunday of each month (please check the PCV calendar or Hillsmeets page for upcoming dates). EP has ample parking and is very close to Belgrave train station, and the Belgrave bus bays. They cater to vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and the dietary-restricted, serve beautiful food, and make excellent coffee. Ask at the front for “the pagans”, or just look for a big table with an owl on it.

Accessibility: unfortunately, the cafe we are currently meeting at is not wheelchair-accessible (if you are in a wheelchair and would like to attend, please let us know, and we can find a more suitable venue); there are a small number of stone steps at both front and back entrances. If we can help you negotiate these, please let us know, and we will do so gladly.

Pagans in the Pub Melbourne

Pagans in the Pub Melbourne is the original Pagan monthly meet up in Melbourne. We meet every month on the first Saturday at the historical Grandview Hotel in Fairfield.

The event is free and open to everyone who is curious or interested in modern Paganism and witchcraft. Children accompanied by adults are welcome. Come and join us for a casual meal, coffee or a drink.

You will find us outside in the beer garden if the weather is fine, but indoors in the bar just off the car park if it is wet or cold so come along and join us. If you have trouble finding us or would like to know more, please ring or text Philippe on 0402 437 086.

Visit the Pagans in the Pub Melbourne Facebook page for more information.