Workshop: Enchantment of Aphrodite

The Muses are excited to announce a new and inspirational workshop by GEDE PARMA (Fio Aengus) author of The Iron Pentacle and Ecstatic Witchcraft.

Enchantment of Aphrodite: Meeting the Goddess/Learning Her Art

Aphrodite Pandêmos, of all the people.
Aphrodite Ourania, of the heavens.
Aphrodite Hetaira, the Courtesan.
Aphrodite Melainis, the Dark One.
Aphrodite Peithô, She who persuades.
Aphrodite Symmakhia, Ally in Love.

We call upon the Goddess common to all people, to be our ally in the fulfilment of love. In this workshop we will learn about ancient titles and aspects of this multifaceted Great Spirit beloved and feared by the ancient Greeks, Cretans, and Syrians. We will meet Her in trance and learn several tried and true techniques related to Her domains of persuasion, seduction, desire, beauty, and love.

But beware, Love is an initiation. A foundational understanding of Earth-centred spirituality, witchery, and magical ritual and spell-work will be of assistance.

Gede Parma (Fio Aengus) is an initiate of the Craft, the current-serving Lucifer of the Sophian thread of the Wildwood, and a lover of folk wisdom and the wild spirits of the All. He is a published author of several books on witchcraft, paganism, and ecstatic technique, and teaches internationally.

Gede/Fio was born in Bali, raised in Queensland Australia, and travels regularly learning, loving, breaking boundaries, and listening to the Ancestors and the Spirits of the Land.

$ 65 including all materials and a light refreshment to share

No credit notes or refunds for cancellations or non attendance.

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