Wailing Wytch Ritual Intensive Weekend

Hosted by Seline. Visit the Facebook event page for more details.

Do you have a fire in your belly, an ache within your very core?

Are you holding onto old pain, suppressed emotion’s and so much more?

From time immortal wailing has been used as a form of release, an expression of one’s grief and pain.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is suited for all humans, who have held onto old pain, be it the passing of a loved one that they are still not able to morn or grieve, be it deep suppressed hurt, be it the pain and sorrow of missed opportunity. It is for the expression of the pain we feel for our environment, for Mother Earth, for our children, partners and all that we don’t express, for all that we have dismissed.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is for all who have felt pain, who have been told or believe that their pain is not valid enough to give thought or energy to. IT IS.

The Wailing Wytch Ritual is for all those who are now ready to take back their personal power and grow from their experiences!

Investment: $360-00
Deposit: $100-00 is required to secure your place.
Early bird $320-00 (if full payment received by Friday the 3rd August)
Final payment due NO LATER than 24th August 2018
Payment plans can be arranged, please contact me privately.
All Inclusive. This mean’s Accommodation, Meal’s and Ritual material.
Please note that as part of the weekend we as a community will be preparing all meals together.

Payment options via Try booking
https://www.trybooking.com/WUKR and https://www.trybooking.com/400469

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