AGM Minutes 19/8/2018

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Annual General Meeting Minutes 19/8/2018

 Present: Josie, Ryan, Sarah, Keegan, Seamus, Dorian, Fran, Mark

Apologies: Shaz, Ang, Elkie, Dean, Alex

Meeting Location: The Standard, Fitzroy

Meeting Open: 12.40PM

  1.  Presentation of Annual Report (Chair) –

It has been an interesting year, although we have had committee members come and go we have gone from strength to strength. It has been a really productive twelve months as we continue to work on our mission of creating an inclusive and safe community.


  1. Secretary’s Report –

Memberships continue to climb slowly, our FB like numbers go up every week and our reach seems to be quite good. We are working on a better membership database and form to streamline the process.


  1. Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer) –

Financial statement to come.


  1. Election of Management Committee/Office Bearers –

The committee positions this year ran un-contested, only receiving nominations for the current incumbents.

President – Josie H
Vice President – Shaz C
Treasurer – Ryan M
Secretary – Mark H

General Committee Members:
Sarah, Seamus, Fran, Keegan, Elkie, Dorian, Ange, and Dean

 Closing Remarks

Thank-you all and welcome to the new committee!

We’d also like to thank the committee members who are not continuing on this year and have left along the way over the last twelve months for their participation, contribution, and effort.


Meeting End: 12.47 PM

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