Reclaiming Brigid/Imbolc Open Ritual

Hosted by the Melbourne Reclaiming community:


O Brid is come, Brid is welcome, welcome Brid!

Reclaiming witches and pagans of Melbourne invite you to our open ritual for our Brigid Feast, for the sabbat of Imbolc.

This ritual draws its inspiration from the San Francisco Brigid ritual that has been happening annually since 1982. It is a ritual born of the need to grief, express rage, and pledge to action. It is a magical working, a ritual, and a powerful container for activists, pagans, witches, artists, healers, priestesses, and anyone who feels drawn, to come together and transform grief into inspiration, and rage into action.

More details to come. Enjoy the turning of the Wheel.

– Melbourne Reclaiming Brigid Cell, Autumn Equinox 2018. x

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