Workshop: Thelemic Witchcraft for Beginners with Dr Caroline Tully

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Saturday 4 August 2018
11am – 1pm

The Muses are honoured and excited to welcome Dr Caroline Tully to share and teach Thelemic Witchcraft for Beginners.

Thelema is a Greek word meaning ‘will’ or ‘desire’.

Join Caroline Tully in a beginners’ workshop on Thelemic Witchcraft, a form of New Aeon Witchcraft that focuses on methods for causing change in accordance with your will.

Through practical ritual and discussion this old-but-new approach to Magick will be illuminated.

Caroline has a background in various traditions of Witchcraft and Magick and is also an academic who studies ancient Mediterranean Pagan religions and their manifestation in the modern world.

(More on Caroline J. Tully: Caroline has academic qualifications in Classics and Archaeology from the University of Melbourne and in Fine Art from Monash University. Caroline worked as a professional tapestry weaver at the Australian Tapestry Workshop and as a witchcraft maven at Australia’s Witchcraft Magazine, prior to commencing her doctoral research in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Melbourne in 2010. Caroline’s PhD focuses on Late Bronze and Early Iron Age cultic traditions in the ancient Aegean, eastern Mediterranean and Egypt. She also has a strong interest in Museology as well as Reception Studies, particularly in regard to the religions of ancient Egypt and Minoan Crete.)

$65 inc all materials and a light morsel

Tickets are limited. Please go to to secure your place.

Sorry no refunds or store credit for non attendance.


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