Workshop: Sane and Sensible Pagan Teaching and Leadership

See the Facebook event page for more details.

In this era of internet courses, Facebook groups, and phony credentials, how exactly do you spot a decent Pagan leader or teacher? What does sane, inclusive Pagan leadership look like? What’s the most effective way to teach something and how will you know that your students have learned anything?

In this workshop, writer, teacher and PCV president Josephine Winter shares her stories of the best and worst of Pagan leadership and training along with scholarly, evidence-based discussion of common “tropes” that appear in leaders and why they appear. Drawing on her own experience as a qualified educator, Winter will also offer some no-nonsense, flexible teaching strategies that will ensure better outcomes for students and teachers of a range of traditions.

This workshop is suitable for advanced practitioners, leaders or those considering leadership roles. Less experienced practitioners may also find value in the discussion of what to look for in a potential leader or teacher.
Josephine Winter is a writer, teacher and geek. She is a co-founder of the Pagan Collective of Victoria and has been an organiser for the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering for many years. Josephine also writes for international Pagan news site The Wild Hunt on a monthly basis. You can read her work at

This workshop will be offered FREE to anyone who supports the PCV on Patreon:

Other attendees will be asked to pay $15 on the day. All proceeds go to the PCV.

This workshop is unsuitable for children.

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