Workshop: Making Magick Wands

Hosted by Mystical Dragon.

Magick wands are used to direct and amplify Universal Energy and the most powerful wand is the one you make for yourself! In this short course you will create a magick wand using crystals, feathers, and wood blessed by the tree itself. A magick wand is a great tool to have in any room to create beautiful, calming energy, or use it as a healing tool to balance any level of the body’s energy. Wands are also an essential tool for any Ritual or Circle.

“Wands are beautiful and powerful tools to have. You can use them for practical purposes such as casting circles, directing energy and aiding healing, or simply have them on an altar or in a room to enhance the energy of a space. Wands are used to work with energy, however they primarily direct and send it out. They also strongly connect us with the fairy realm. I have two wands at present. One is Amethyst, which I use when it feels right. It is stronger, more protective and more psychic, solid, powerful and commanding. The other is Rose Quartz and crystal, and is more loving, romantic, feminine, and sweet in its energy, although it almost has a ‘naughty’ energy at times. I also use wooden wands, ones I gather myself and activate with crystals and found objects.” from the book ‘White Magic’ by Lucy Cavendish

Decorate your wand with special items such as ribbons, beads, shells, etc to give it your own look and feel. There will be an assortment of items for you to choose from to add to your special wand, or bring something from home. Everyone attending the short course will leave with a complete and ready to use magick wand!

This workshop can be studied individually or as part of the Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program.

Topics Covered in this Making Magick Wands workshop:
**Creating your wand
**Participation in a short ritual to cleanse and charge your wand

Only $60p/person to attend and bookings are essential. To book your place contact Mystical Dragon on 03 9782 5091 or for more information or to make your booking online click this link:

Held at Mystical Dragon, 22 Heversham Drive, Seaford Victoria, Australia

PLEASE NOTE Mystical Dragon does not take facebook acceptances as bookings. It is essential that you also contact the Mystical Dragon store to book your place officially via the methods mentioned above

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual Evening

Hosted by Seline Ines. See the Facebook event page for more details.

I wish to lead you into an evening of ritual, tapping into the energy of the mighty Goat.
Capricorn’s natural energy is about Celebrating the Sensual, the power of investing in what’s worthy, demonstrating mastery, dignity, enduring and worldly. illuminating and Earthmoving; setting cornerstones; plans to manifest; creating strategies, taking control; personal authority; honouring commitments; dedication to what’s most valued.
This is serious moonlight for epiphanies about the most longed-for aspirations, which are often ones that take time and effort over many years.

Using ritual, trance, dance and fire, let us shine some light on areas of your life such as family, work, authority, legacy, lineage, natural law, maturation, traditions.

The Full Moon in this wise old sign takes us to the depths and the peaks of our inner and outer worlds. Let us take hands and together share in the strength that is this Earth sign Capricorn.

Doors open at 7.00 pm with Ritual introduction and commencement 7-30 pm.
Departure for 10-30 pm.

Numbers are strictly limited.

Investment $30-00
(via direct deposit only as no payment will be accepted at the door
Banking details will be given upon your confirmed attendance.)

A light snack, tea and coffee provided.
(feel free to bring something to share if you are so inspired)

Bring an open and respectful mindset.

In Dark, Light and Shadow
Seline Ines

Photos: Yule Museum Outing 2018

For Yule this year, we teamed up with the good folks of the Melbourne Heathen Moot for an excursion to the Vikings exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. This was followed by a lovely dinner at a local pub and a brief sumbel to mark the occassion.

Many thanks to PCV committee member Dean for organising this wonderful event!



Workshop: Shapeshifting – Bear

Date: Monday 25th June, 2018

Time: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

Where: Muses of Mystery, The Nicholas Building, Room 4, Level 2, 27 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000. Australia

Fee: $ 65.

Art the Bear is the Brightest light that shines, and the animal of the Solstice. In this workshop we will connect deeply with Art to seek his guidance during the dark months ahead
Each Shape shifting session is a stand alone workshop and requires no previous experience.


Tickets to this workshop can be purchased online at or instore. Booking is essential.

No refunds or credit notes for non attendance or cancellations.

Open Circle for Yule

Hosted by Mystical Dragon

An Open Circle is a ritual open to all comers where a circle is cast, creating a sacred and safe place to work, followed by the four Elements and God/Goddess being invited to join us. At Mystical Dragon we celebrate every second Sabbat and these Sabbats honour each of the seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring). Each circle has a different focus tying in with the time of year it is celebrated. This circle is held in honour of Yule (Winter Solstice), marking the longest night and shortest day of the year.

Children 13 years and older are welcome to attend provided they are accompanied by an adult and behave responsibly.

Attendees of Moon Rituals at Mystical Dragon are welcome to bring an item to charge on the altar during ritual (this may be a crystal, item of jewellery, a magickal tool, or anything else you deem appropriate to charge with positive energy). You will be asked to place your item on the altar before the ritual starts, and take the item with you at ritual completion.

At Mystical Dragon there is always the option to watch rather than participate in the circle, however everyone is guided when and where to turn etc so that no one participating gets left out. And then everyone is welcome to stay for a cuppa and share some food and socialise with like-minds once we have finished.

Please be aware rituals begin at 7:00pm sharp! The door will be locked at this time and late comers will not be admitted.

These are FREE events. Our rituals usually last between forty minutes and one hour depending on the size of the group. You do not need to book for this event.

The evening will end with some feasting so participants are welcome to bring a plate of finger food to share and tea and coffee will be provided for those who would like to stay awhile and socialise.

Mystical Dragon firmly believes that the merry making is for after ritual. Anyone attending our open circles who appears to be under the influence of any substance may be ejected from the premises. Mystical Dragon reserves the right to refuse entry to any person.

Our Focus for this Circle:
We will be putting energy and magick into our own rejuvenation by going inwards and discovering something about our self through divination and meditation. We will then make a promise to ourselves about something we will do to honour and nurture ourselves over the Winter months. This is a quieter circle celebration, containing no energy raising, so that we may remain reflective and open to messages for the future.

Participants are encouraged to wear dark colours in honour of this time of greatest darkness.

Workshop: The Sabbat of Yule

Hosted by Mystical Dragon

Connect with this Sabbat of Yule creatively and practically by making your own Yule Tree decoration to take home and use in your own celebrations. Plus enjoy a magnificent meditation receiving healing and guidance from the Egyptian Sun God Horus who is prevalent at this time.

The eight Sabbats of a Witch represent the turning of the Wheel of the year and honour not only the current season but also the stages in the eternal life cycle of the Goddess and God. Yule, or Winter Solstice, is a Witches’ Sabbat seen as both the time of greatest darkness and the longest night of the year and as the time of the birth of a “Divine King.” Since the Sun is considered to represent the Male Divinity in many Pagan Traditions, this time is celebrated as the “return of the Sun God” where He is reborn of the Goddess. From this day forth, the days will get longer and the nights shorter, hence, the Sun God is born on Winter Solstice and he will grow in strength to bring us our growing season. The fact that the Goddess gives birth to the Sun God emphasises the duality of power. At this moment of intense importance, light is reborn.

Topics Covered In The Sabbat of Yule Course:
**What is the Wheel of the Year?
**What is the Sabbat of Yule all about?
**Traditional associations for the Sabbat of Yule
**Be inspired for your own Yule altar
**Rituals, spells and customs for the Sabbat of Yule
**Connect with Deity associated with Yule: the Sun God Horus
**Connect with this Sabbat creatively by making a Yule Tree decoration

This workshop can be studied individually or as part of the Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program.

About Your Facilitator:
Amanda Godfrey, the founder of Mystical Dragon, is a Witch and has had psychic experiences her whole life and has been conducting intuitive readings and healings professionally since 2002. She has also been studying and practicing witchcraft for over 20 years. Currently practicing as a solitary witch, Amanda has also been a High Priestess of a Coven and leads Mystical Dragons Open Circles held four times a year. Amanda has developed and taught many courses and workshops since 2003, covering topics including witchcraft, psychic development, crystals, meditation, tarot and more. An eclectic Witch, Amanda has studied many different traditions of Witchcraft and brings this knowledge and experience into her workshops. She is very passionate about her Craft and truly cares about her students.

Only $60p/person to attend and bookings are essential. To book your place contact Mystical Dragon on 03 9782 5091 or for more information or to make your booking online click this link:

Held at Mystical Dragon, 22 Heversham Drive, Seaford Victoria, Australia

PLEASE NOTE Mystical Dragon does not take facebook acceptances as bookings. It is essential that you also contact the Mystical Dragon store to book your place officially via the methods mentioned above

Yule/Winter Solstice Ritual and Celebration

Date: Saturday 23 June, 2018

Where: Muses of Mystery

Join the Muses for a Yule Ritual and Celebration as we welcome back the arrival of the Sun, and mark the Winter Solstice an important turning point in the Wheel of the Year of the shortest day and longest night.

Fee: $ 35 pp

Refreshments will be provided, however participants are encouraged to bring some food to share. All food at this celebration is to be vegetarian. No meat is permitted.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Please contact us to reserve your place and to obtain payment details.

No refunds or credit notes are issued for cancellations.

Tarot Practice Night

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Our popular Practice Tarot Nights are finally back!

Come join us and have the opportunity to meet other tarot readers, practice and hone your intuitive talents. Build up your confidence within a safe and supportive space.

Each class we’ll cover and discuss a new tarot topic and explore a new tarot spread.

$20 pp inc light refreshment (feel free to bring your own special dietary needs)

Places are limited so please buy your tickets at