Meeting Minutes: Special General Meeting – March 2018

Thankyou to Mark for putting together the minutes of Sunday’s Special General Meeting, which was held to elect a new Vice President following the resignation of Nickole, who has taken on increased teaching and leadership duties within Reclaiming. The committee would like to once again thank Nickole for her many contributions to Pagan community building in this state, and wish her all the best with her new duties. 🙂


Pagan Collective of Victoria

Special General Meeting

Meeting Minutes 18/02/2018

Present: Josie, Dorian, Alex, Sarah, Mark, Ryan, Shaz, Seamus, Ang, Dean

Apologies: Elkie and Fran

Meeting Location: Bimbo’s, Fitzroy

Meeting Open: 3.39

We are legally required to hold a special general meeting and elect an interim Vice-President who will hold this position until the next AGM. This meeting is specifically to elect a new Vice, any other business will have to wait until the next meeting. Thank you and best wishes to outgoing Vice President Nickole, who has taken on increased teaching and leadership duties within the Reclaiming community.


We had two nominations for the position – Shaz and Alex, both of whom were seconded readily.

A show of hands was used to vote with the two nominees having left the room temporarily. Shaz was the winning candidate and is to be announced as the new Vice-President.

It has been mentioned several times before that it would be a great idea to train up other people in how to do the various jobs done by the committee and at the next meeting we will discuss how to implement this and if Alex is willing he can be amongst the first to benefit from this.

Thank-you everyone for being willing candidates and committee members to work through this quickly and efficiently.


Meeting Close: 3.44

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