Melbourne Reclaiming Autumn Equinox Ritual

See the Facebook event page for more details.

**Standing at the crossroads, we bring the light from the dark **

As we begin to prepare for winter, in our personal lives and our community we take stock of what we have, what we need for the dark months ahead and what will we let go as this no longer sustain us.

Do you currently find yourself standing at the crossroads in life, wondering which direction to take?

Entering the Labyrinth we acknowledge all that we have achieved, what we have now, where we are at in the world.

At the crossroads Hecate stands with her lantern in her hand shining the light into the dark.

Do you dare to accept the light from Hecate? Do you dare bring forth light into the darkness of your life and that of society. What are you prepared to let go?


Wear sturdy shoes
A lantern with a candle that will be lit
Vegetarian food to share
Offerings to the Goddess Hecate

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