Community Safety Month 2018: Finding and Joining a Group

March is Community Safety Month for the PCV. Throughout this month we will be promoting safe, sane and inclusive Pagan community for all through the sharing of information, discussion topics and more.

We started the month by sharing advice and information for people new to Paganism. This week we’re moving on to tips and advice on finding a joining a group. These articles have been shared daily on our Facebook page.

Your First Pagan Event: In this article, NSW group The Pagan Fringe share some helpful dos and don’ts for anyone attending their first public Pagan event.

Paganism for Beginners – Group Dynamics: This article by Yvonne Aburrow looks at some of the most commonly used structures of groups, as well as how and why some groups can find themselves failing.

How do I find a Coven?: This article by The Pagan Fringe offers advice on finding a coven or working group in Australia.

How to Find and Join a Coven: The last few articles we’ve shared have been about seeking out and joining Pagan groups of a range of traditions. This piece by US Gardnerian writer Thorn Mooney offers advice for those drawn to traditional, hierarchical, coven-based forms of Craft.

Cult Warning Signs: This resource is a handy checklist written by cult specialist Rick Ross. These warning signs can help you identify safe and unsafe behaviours in a group and its leader/s.

Pagan Relationships – Building Lasting Community: This piece examines and discusses some of the factors needed for building healthy, sustainable Pagan community.

Wiccan Deal-Breakers: In this article, Thorn Mooney outlines some of the signs that you should re-examine whether the path you are seeking is the right one for you.

Yule17 Ang 09

At the 2017 PCV Yule Ritual, hosted by Silver Birch Grove ADF. Photo by Ang.

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