Hail and Welcome/Hale and Hearth

In this free offering to any interested in modern-day witchcraft practices and traditions, Lisa Lind and Gede Parma/Fio Aengus – initiates of the Craft – will facilitate an introduction to fundamental ritual and magical skills and techniques and detail various traditions of the Craft.

Specifically we will discuss the history, styles, and main specifics of,

*Shamanic witchcrafts,
*Traditional Witchcraft movements,

Buck Agrios, a guest speaker and co-founder of Queer Pagan Men Australia, will speak on the Unnamed Path.

Lisa Lind, bio coming.

Gede Parma/Fio Aengus is a Wildwood and Reclaiming initiate, and has had the privilege of working within several other systems and houses of witchcraft in the nearly 20 years they have been practising.

See the Facebook event page for more details.

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