Community Safety Month 2018: Pagan Ethics and Etiquette

March is Community Safety Month for the PCV. Throughout this month we will be promoting safe, sane and inclusive Pagan community for all through the sharing of information, discussion topics and more.

This month we’ve shared important advice for new Pagans, along with tips and suggestions for finding and joining a group. We’ve also looked at the need for a consent culture within our community, and how that can be achieved.

Our final topic for Community Safety Month is Pagan Ethics and Etiquette. These articles have been collected and discussed by the PCV committee: some share some common-sense views on ethical issues within our community, while others offer advice on how to mind your manners in the public Pagan scene.

Building Fences – Vouching, Communities and the Internet: In this piece, US author Thorn Mooney discusses the online Pagan community, and how the advent of the internet has changed the vouching process for lineaged/initiatory Pagan traditions.

Should You Pay for Online Spellcasting Services?: There are lots of people out there on the internet offering all kinds of spells, but US Pagan Patti Wigington points out there are better alternatives that won’t leave you hornswoggled.

How to Spot a Terrible Coven: Thorn Mooney shares some important, no-nonsense advice for anyone joining a new coven or group.

Your Responsibilities in Ritual: In this piece, US writer and high priest Jason Mankey discusses the responsibilities of all ritual participants, from the fluffiest bunny to the crustiest elder.

Screw Your Aesthetic: Despite what witches on Instagram might have you think, “real” witchcraft does not have to be blood, skulls and sex. Thorn Mooney explains.

Spiritual Treatment is No Substitute for Mental Health Care: It seems all too common for Pagans to treat their spiritual practice as an alternative to mental health care. US author and Druid John Beckett points out the dangers and fallacies of this.

Five Signs You Shouldn’t Run a Pagan Group: Thinking about starting your own Pagan group? Thorn Mooney has put together a few things about yourself you should consider first.

The Witch’s Guide to Etiquette – Avoiding Witch Wars:  For our final Community Safety Month resource for 2018, we chose this gem by author and witch Laura Tempest Zakroff.

PCV – Frankston Pagan Meet – March 2018

Come join us for a friendly, relaxed and inclusive afternoon meet by the Frankston coast. This is a free event.

Hosted on the last Sunday of every second month, all experience levels, pagan, spiritual and witchy paths welcome.
A discussion topic will be announced closer to the date.

Coffee Club is a short walk from Frankston station and numerous bus stops, in the promenade near the cinema.

Vegetarian and gluten-free menu options available.

The Facebook event can be found here: PCV – Frankston Pagan Meet – March 2018

Adventures in the Pearl Pentacle: Three Month Distance Course

Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty, Wisdom…

From Sex to Love, and we fall into the embrace of Life…
From Pride to Law, we learn where we stand and how…
From Self to Knowledge, and we are illumined in our core…
From Power to Liberty, we work with each other to open the gates…
From Passion to Wisdom, we distill and drink the waters of the Well…

We return to Love. Always.

3 month distance course exploring the Pearl Pentacle via Zoom and Facebook.

The course consists of 6 Conference calls, each 2 hours long. These happen two weeks apart. Communication between calls will be via a Secret Facebook Group solely for the use of course participants.

This is a Core Reclaiming Class diving deeply into the five points of the the Pearl Pentacle: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom.

Requirements for this Course are that you have taken Reclaiming Iron Pentacle.

Cost (in Australian dollars):
$300 (waged) $270 (partially waged), $240 (unwaged)

Dates for the 2018 Pearl Course are:

March 24/25 (depending where you are), April 7/8, April 21/22, May 5/6, May 19/20, June 2/3.

Register here:

Jane Meredith is a ritualist and author. Her books include: Journey to the Dark Goddess, Circle of Eight and Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality. She has worked actively with the Iron Pentacle over the last seven years.

Gede Parma (Fio) is a witch, queer, and a lover of wild ones. She is the author of Spirited, By Land, Sky & Sea and Ecstatic Witchcraft. He lives currently in Wurundjeri Country, Narrm/Melbourne, Australia. Iron and Pearl are some of hir companions.

Together Jane and Gede co-wrote Magic of the Iron Pentacle.

See the Facebook event page for other details.

Community Safety Month 2018: Consent Culture and Dealing with Abuse

March is Community Safety Month for the PCV. Throughout this month we will be promoting safe, sane and inclusive Pagan community for all through the sharing of information, discussion topics and more.

So far this month we’ve shared some important information for those new to Paganism, as well as some handy advice on looking for and joining a group. Now we move on to consent culture. For many Pagans, sexuality and the body are sacred. Unfortunately, this is not always enough in and of itself to prevent sexual harassment and abuse.

As well as the resources listed below, we strongly recommend anyone involved with the public Pagan scene read the Pagan Consent Culture anthology, which is edited by Christine Hoff Kraemer and Yvonne Aburrow.

Promoting Consent Culture in the Pagan Community: This is a summary of a model outlined in the Pagan Consent Culture anthology, which is edited by Christine Hoff Kraemer and Yvonne Aburrow. It outlines some preventative measures, as well as strategies for creating consent culture.

We recommend anyone involved in the Pagan community take a look at this book when they get a chance.

Pagans, Hugging and the Fine Art of Consent: An important reminder from Thorn Mooney about consent and touchy-feely Pagans at festivals.

The Curse of Pagan Niceness: (Content Warning) This piece from Canadian witch Sable Aradia looks at the pitfalls of Pagan “niceness” and how attitudes such as this are detrimental to creating a consent culture in our community.

Abuse Happens in a Culture that enables it: (Content Warning) Yvonne Aburrow has written widely on creating consent culture within the Pagan community. In this piece, she discusses some of the cultural changes that need to take place within the scene to minimise the risk of abusers and abuse.

Responding to Abuse in the Pagan Community: (Content Warning) Psychotherapist Cat Chapin-Bishop discusses what the Pagan community can do to protect victims, and to keep perpetrators from using our communities to find and access victims.

Do our Stereotypes Keep us Safe?: This article by Aussie Pagan blogger Bekah Evie Bel examines just how safe modern Pagans are in today’s society, pointing out that we may be doing more harm to ourselves as a community by staying “hidden”.

Meeting Minutes: Special General Meeting – March 2018

Thankyou to Mark for putting together the minutes of Sunday’s Special General Meeting, which was held to elect a new Vice President following the resignation of Nickole, who has taken on increased teaching and leadership duties within Reclaiming. The committee would like to once again thank Nickole for her many contributions to Pagan community building in this state, and wish her all the best with her new duties. 🙂


Pagan Collective of Victoria

Special General Meeting

Meeting Minutes 18/02/2018

Present: Josie, Dorian, Alex, Sarah, Mark, Ryan, Shaz, Seamus, Ang, Dean

Apologies: Elkie and Fran

Meeting Location: Bimbo’s, Fitzroy

Meeting Open: 3.39

We are legally required to hold a special general meeting and elect an interim Vice-President who will hold this position until the next AGM. This meeting is specifically to elect a new Vice, any other business will have to wait until the next meeting. Thank you and best wishes to outgoing Vice President Nickole, who has taken on increased teaching and leadership duties within the Reclaiming community.


We had two nominations for the position – Shaz and Alex, both of whom were seconded readily.

A show of hands was used to vote with the two nominees having left the room temporarily. Shaz was the winning candidate and is to be announced as the new Vice-President.

It has been mentioned several times before that it would be a great idea to train up other people in how to do the various jobs done by the committee and at the next meeting we will discuss how to implement this and if Alex is willing he can be amongst the first to benefit from this.

Thank-you everyone for being willing candidates and committee members to work through this quickly and efficiently.


Meeting Close: 3.44

Meeting Minutes: February 18, 2018

Many thanks to our secretary Mark for putting these minutes together. 🙂

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Meeting Minutes 18/02/2018

Present: Josie, Nickole, Dorian, Elkie, Alex, Sarah, Mark, Ryan

Apologies: Seamus, Ang, Shaz, Dean

Meeting Location: The Last Jar, Melbourne

Meeting Open: 12.38 

  1. President’s Report –

We are now back into things again after the Christmas break. The committee dinner was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and we will try and do these a few times a year to help strengthen our bond as a team. Patreon is up and posting more to come later in the meeting.

  1. Secretary’s Report –

There isn’t a lot of new news on this front at present, we are overhauling the membership sign-up process and database to make things more efficient.

  1. Treasurer’s Report –

We currently have about $17 in the account, the first of the Patreon payments won’t come through until the start of the next month.

  1. Meet-up Reports

The Hills ritual went really well and they are hoping to be able to do something like this again in the future. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The numbers continue to go well for the city meetup, with a good regular attendance, there is going to be a slight change to the discussion format as it moves forward this year. They are contemplating doing a Facebook live at a future event.
Ballarat meet-ups are still in discussion with the possibility of running four a year on the table at present.
These meet-ups are still continuing on and are going well with some regular faces as well as new faces turning up each meeting.



The first Swinburn pagan event will be coming up soon, it is very exciting.

5. Morris Report
The side is still continuing on in 2018, working on getting the skills up ready to be performance ready. They are attending English Ale in May. They have begun learning a second dance (Dilwyn) and are practicing processionals.

  1. Patreon

Patreon is now live and posting. Thank-you to everyone that has supported, contributed to and worked on getting it live. Also a big thank-you to everyone that has become a backer, or been helping share it around.

7. Website
The overhaul is well underway and now blog posts immediately post to the Facebook as well. The site is getting anywhere from 50 – 200 hits a day. That is frankly amazing.


  1. Facebook
    The stats are up really well, so please continue to share and interact with it to help keep this up.
  2. Membership
    We are updating the form so that when a member signs up it sends it straight to our database (which is being overhauled) We will be contacting members to confirm their details and to ensure they know their membership number.
  3. Community Safety Month

Have a lot of articles lined up ready to go throughout March so that our social media will be posting something every day designed to provide the community with access to information that will educate and inform in a variety of aspects of safe community.


  1. Spiral Dance
    Yes they are still coming to Melbourne, no we don’t have the date yet but will be posting more about it when we do. This will be branded as a PCV presents event.

    12. Pagan Pride Day
    The date has been selected as April 7th.
    Sarah will be drawing up a list of speakers and presenters for the various traditions and paths in Victoria as well as the various groups currently running events open to the public.

It has been proposed that we have a Druids v Witches Kubb game on the day, it will be a light-hearted thing, designed to be entertaining.

13. Seasonal Celebrations
Yule – this was to be organised by Dean? We will need to clarify

Autumn Equinox – we currently don’t have someone running the equinox now that Pagan Pride Day is in April.

  1. Instagram
    We now have an Instagram that is being run by Dorian at present. It can be found by looking for pagancollectivevic.
  2. Workshops
    It would be great if we can start announcing some of the dates for workshops, so could the committee members who have volunteered to run workshops please start trying to work out the dates for their workshop. These will probably be 1 – 2 hours in length and $10 – $15 for non-Patreon backers.

    16. Chat Bots
    Ryan is investigating chat bots with involves direct engagement content with users. He is currently learning about how to use them and will run it when this gets off the ground.


  1. Inclusive Language

It was raised that we should consider changing some of the language on our website and social media to make it more inclusive. It can sometimes come across as slightly Wicca or eclectic witchcraft centric and it would be a shame if that made people from other paths feel left out.

Meeting End: 1.50 PM


Melbourne Reclaiming Autumn Equinox Ritual

See the Facebook event page for more details.

**Standing at the crossroads, we bring the light from the dark **

As we begin to prepare for winter, in our personal lives and our community we take stock of what we have, what we need for the dark months ahead and what will we let go as this no longer sustain us.

Do you currently find yourself standing at the crossroads in life, wondering which direction to take?

Entering the Labyrinth we acknowledge all that we have achieved, what we have now, where we are at in the world.

At the crossroads Hecate stands with her lantern in her hand shining the light into the dark.

Do you dare to accept the light from Hecate? Do you dare bring forth light into the darkness of your life and that of society. What are you prepared to let go?


Wear sturdy shoes
A lantern with a candle that will be lit
Vegetarian food to share
Offerings to the Goddess Hecate

Community Safety Month 2018: Finding and Joining a Group

March is Community Safety Month for the PCV. Throughout this month we will be promoting safe, sane and inclusive Pagan community for all through the sharing of information, discussion topics and more.

We started the month by sharing advice and information for people new to Paganism. This week we’re moving on to tips and advice on finding a joining a group. These articles have been shared daily on our Facebook page.

Your First Pagan Event: In this article, NSW group The Pagan Fringe share some helpful dos and don’ts for anyone attending their first public Pagan event.

Paganism for Beginners – Group Dynamics: This article by Yvonne Aburrow looks at some of the most commonly used structures of groups, as well as how and why some groups can find themselves failing.

How do I find a Coven?: This article by The Pagan Fringe offers advice on finding a coven or working group in Australia.

How to Find and Join a Coven: The last few articles we’ve shared have been about seeking out and joining Pagan groups of a range of traditions. This piece by US Gardnerian writer Thorn Mooney offers advice for those drawn to traditional, hierarchical, coven-based forms of Craft.

Cult Warning Signs: This resource is a handy checklist written by cult specialist Rick Ross. These warning signs can help you identify safe and unsafe behaviours in a group and its leader/s.

Pagan Relationships – Building Lasting Community: This piece examines and discusses some of the factors needed for building healthy, sustainable Pagan community.

Wiccan Deal-Breakers: In this article, Thorn Mooney outlines some of the signs that you should re-examine whether the path you are seeking is the right one for you.

Yule17 Ang 09

At the 2017 PCV Yule Ritual, hosted by Silver Birch Grove ADF. Photo by Ang.