Rites of Passage: Dreams, Trance and the Call of the Piper

Rites of Passage: Dreams, Trance & the Call of the Piper
Jane Meredith & Jarrah Staggard

Intensive 3 day Workshop
Labour Day long weekend – March 11 – 13, 2017
10am – 5pm each day
Melbourne area (specific location TBC)
Cost, sliding scale: $350 (waged) – $275 (partly waged) – $230 (unwaged)
To register: https://goo.gl/forms/QLCJy3O5s07j8lup1

Our evolving, cascading affair with this mysterious Piper continues to deepen, and we are delighted to offer this class in Victoria.

The Pied Piper calls to us through our dreams and yearnings, in words of magic and music. He promises a world far beyond that we have ever known…
Do you hear the call? Do you long to be one of the dancers, the magic-weavers, the spinners of story and trance? To wander after enchantment, to wield it? Will you tread between the worlds and find a way to stay a child forever?

Rites of Passage is a Core Reclaiming Class focusing on trance, dream and storywork and priestessing. We will train in these skills within the realm of the Pied Piper’s story; remembering ourselves as children, discovering contracts we make and break, searching into shadows and seeking the elusive pathway through the mountains.
We’ll explore this story through a range of experiential processes, honing our skills in magical service as we engage in powerful self reflection. Who is the Pied Piper? What is it, to hear the call of enchantment and leave behind the life we have known to follow that call? At some point do we choose to return to the town we left behind as children, and if so, what skills and service do we bring?

Reclaiming Elements of Magic or equivalent training in fundamental magical, trance and ritual techniques is a prerequisite.

Spaces limited, registration essential: https://goo.gl/forms/QLCJy3O5s07j8lup1

See the Facebook Event Page for more information.

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