Agenda for July 2015 Committee Meeting

(Note: This meeting will be held directly after the AGM)

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Meeting Agenda 18/7/2015





Meeting Location: Stuzzi Restaurant

Meeting Open:


President’s Report – Josie


Secretary’s Report – Mark


Treasurer’s Report – Ryan


Memberships – Josie


Dates for next year – Josie
Confirmed dates:

01/08/15 – Imbolc Ritual

12/09/15 – Country Vic committee meeting

12/12/15 – Dandenong Ranges committee meeting

15/08/15 – Ballarat PitP

21/11/15 – Ballarat PitP

To confirm:

4 x committee meeting dates for 2016
4 x Ballarat PitP for 2016

Hills meet dates – leave or change?

Tentative sabbat dates – we can save the dates and then later decide what we want to do (if anything)

CBD Meetup dates?



Imbolc Ritual 2015 – Josie/River/Nickole

Yule Dinner 2015 – Josie/Ryan/Mark/Mei


WWC Cards for Committee Members – Josie


Newsletter – Josie We need a new intro to tradition article for the Imbolc issue


Coffee Meet Ups – Ryan/Sarah


Members Survey – Mei/Mark/Ryan/Josie Discussion of results


Proposed Membership Fees for 2016 – Josie So far the collective has run as a free organisation, however running the organisation has costs and these have been getting covered by Josie and Ryan.
The proposed fees that the Collective move to will be:

– $15 Student/Concession

– $25 Normal

– $40 Family (3 – 4 adults all residing at the same address is a family for the purposes of membership fees.)


Insurance – Josie Quotes. Decide

Annual Ball 2016 – Sarah


PCV Crafts – Mark


The PCV at Mount Franklin – Josie/Ryan/Mei/Mark Kids’ maypole/membership drive

Pagan Expo 2016 – Seline


Midsummer BBQ – Ryan


Moon/Wheel Fundraising Idea – Ryan


Policy Writing – Ryan

Media Officer – Mei


PCV Friendly Businesses – Mei


Additional committee member – River


Meeting End: 2.51 PM

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