Happy 1st Birthday, PCV!

The PCV turns 1 year old today!

In twelve short months, what started out as a few scribbles in a notebook and some far-fetched ideas has grown into a vibrant, active community full of inspiring people!
We wanted to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time and energy along the way. Many thanks to EVERYONE who attended meetings, meetups or Yule dinner, read our newsletter or offered words of encouragement.
Special thanks are also in order for our hardworking committee:
– To Sarah M, who worked (and still works!) tirelessly to run our Hills and CBD meetups. These have become so popular due to your friendly, welcoming manner and the great atmosphere of the Magpie Cafe.
– To Mark H and Mei T, who have been invaluable in their assistance with the Yule dinner, the membership survey and so much more! We couldn’t have done it without you. 🙂
– To River and Nickole, for sharing your knowledge, advice and ideas with us and for your kind offer to host our first public ritual.
– To Cosette, Bret, Lucas, Sigrid, Adrienne, Mel, Des, River, Mark, Mei, Viv, Vee and Sarah for your fantastic contributions to the Spokes newsletter.
– To Lucas and Kacey, for your generosity, assistance and support with the Yule dinner.
– To Vee and the Magpie Cafe, for opening your doors to us and making us feel so welcome!
– To Seline, for your advice and words of encouragement when we needed them most.
The Collective really is only as strong and as diverse as its members. Without your support, this would never have come as far as it has in such a short time. If Victoria’s Pagan Community can achieve such great things in just a year of putting our heads together, just think about what we’ll do in the years to come…

Josie and Ryan
PCV Founders

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