Agenda for February 2015 Committee Meeting

Here is the agenda for our upcoming committee meeting, which is taking place this Saturday, the 21st of February. ALL PCV members are welcome to attend, to have their say in the direction of the PCV. 🙂

Committee Members: Please let us know if you won’t be attending to assist us with our planning.

Agenda for committee meeting, 21/02/15, Upwey

  1. President’s Report (Josie)
  2. Secretary’s report (Josie/Ryan/Mark)
  3. Treasurer’s Report (Ryan)
  4. Memberships (Ryan/Josie)
  5. Newsletter (Josie)
  6. Coffee meetups (Josie/Sarah)
  7. Samhain Ritual 2015 (Ryan)
  8. Yule Dinner 2015 (Josie/Ryan)
  9. Members’ survey (Mark/Mei)
  10. Changes to committee (Josie)
  11. AGM (Josie)
  12. Proposed membership fees for 2016 (Josie)
  13. Insurance (Josie)
  14. Dates (River)
  15. Imbolc Ritual 2015 (River)
  16. Annual Ball 2016 (Sarah)
  17. Meeting Locations (River)
  18. Skill Sharing Across the Pagan Community (Nickole)
  19. PCV Crafts (Mark)

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