Our First Meetup

Attendees of our inaugural Hills Coffee Meetup relaxing in the sunny courtyard of the Magpie Cafe.

Attendees of our inaugural Hills Coffee Meetup relaxing in the sunny courtyard of the Magpie Cafe.

The PCV’s first coffee meetup took place in the Dandenong Ranges yesterday, and was a great success! Thanks to committee member Sarah for organising such a relaxed and inclusive event, and to the good folks at The Magpie Cafe Upwey for having us!

These will be an ongoing gathering on the second Sunday of each month, and we’re already having so much fun that we’re discussing special events as well.

The Hills is a haven for pagans, with its beautiful old-growth forest and flourishing alternative and artistic demographic, but there hasn’t been much in the way of organised social events for Hills pagans in recent times. Magpie Cafe is a perfect venue; it has a large outdoor courtyard, shaded by a big eucalypt, with a herb garden and little waterfall fountain, and the owners are absolutely gorgeous people – and speak fluent ‘pagan’, as well as providing a menu that caters for vegetarians, vegans, low-carb folk and omnivores alike. And they do make very good (fair trade, organic) coffee.

The first meet turned out to be a small affair, due to a few last-minute cancellations, but the people who turned up were absolutely lovely, and everyone commented on what a welcoming, relaxed and inclusive atmosphere it was. And it really was! It was lovely to meet new people and share our experiences in different paths and techniques, learn from each other (we ended up bringing out a pile of scrap paper, because there was so much sharing going on; everyone went home with links and lists and book and group recommendations), and just enjoy being in the company of like-minded folk. Plans were hatched for even more upcoming special events, and we all left looking forward to the next meet.

Even if you’re not in the Hills area, please consider coming along to a future meet (we already had attendees coming from the other side of the city); we’d be thrilled to see you, and hope that this grows to become a great resource for local and not-so-local pagans.

Magpie Cafe is located at 48 Main Street, Upwey, and is car and PT-friendly; it’s just opposite Upwey train station, near the bus stops, and there’s a large car park behind it.

The next meetup will be on Sunday, the 8th of February at the Magpie Cafe from 12pm. A Facebook event has been set up for this here. We are also in the midst of organising a Ballarat meetup… stay tuned! 🙂

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