Happy new year from the PCV!

happynewyearNow that the fruitcake is half eaten and we’ve slept off our egg-nog hangovers, we would like to take this opportunity to join the rest of the committee in wishing all PCV members a safe and happy new year!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us get this venture off the ground. Thanks especially to Jess from the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance for her input and advice when the group was in its very early stages, and to everyone else who encouraged us to take the plunge and form the PCV. Thank-you also to everyone who contributed to the newsletter in 2014: Mel, Bret, Adrienne, Joy, Hawthorn, Selene, Philippe and White Sophia.

The support and enthusiasm shown by the Victorian Pagan community has been nothing short of inspirational this year, and we are so proud of what our collaboration has already brought to life. In only six months we, as a community, have proven that Victorian Pagans are more positive, more intelligent and far more collaborative than any of us suspected. Just imagine what we’ll achieve in another six months! So rest up, party safely, and we’ll see you in 2015!

– Ryan and Josie
PCV Secretary and President

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