Blast off!

This week, the PCV is officially one month old!

We have already been overwhelmed by the support from the Pagan community across Victoria. Thank you to everybody who has already joined up for one of our free memberships.

Committee Meeting

The inaugural committee meeting for the PCV will be taking place on Saturday, the 16th of August at 1pm at the Wesley Anne, in Northcote.
All members are welcome, whether it is to volunteer for a position within the organising committee, or simply to have a say in the direction of this new group. If you have any ideas or suggestions for events or initiatives that align with our Mission Statement, we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to add an item to the agenda, please email it to us at no later than Thursday, the 14th of August. The agenda will be published here on the website sometime on Friday.

Spokes of the Wheel

Work has already begun on the first issue of our members’ e-newsletter, Spokes of the Wheel, which is due out before Ostara (mid September). We are currently seeking submissions of articles, recipes and other seasonal musings, which can be emailed to us at the address above.

Membership Packs

If you have signed up for a PCV membership, you can expect your membership pack sometime in August. We are still making the final decisions on the design for our membership cards, but we will post another update when they arrive!

Welshmans Reef cold morning Aug 2014

A very frosty (minus five degrees!) morning in Welshman’s Reef, Central Victoria. Snapped by Josie H earlier this week.

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